Virtual Vanguard II


The CHP/HPA Vanguard II- trending topics in fitness and sport science based on the most current research.  See below for agenda/topic list!  This WILL be recorded, so even if you miss the live webinar you’ll still have full access to the entire day of lectures.

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Following on the heels of our Vanguard seminar, held last year in San Diego, we’re going to be offering this year’s edition entirely virtually.  Can’t travel?  no problem- this entire seminar will be held online on Sunday, May 10th (all day), starting at 9:00 AM Pacific US time.  It WILL be recorded, and of course questions can be asked ahead of time.

We’re looking forward to this one- 7-8 full hours of lecture topics with full audience participation, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we’re enjoying presenting it.

Topic tracks this time around:

1) Next generation technology and sport performance- can electromagnetic headsets make us stronger and help us learn sport skills faster? Is there any use for running power meters, muscular oxygenation sensors, or eStim devices?  What definitely works, what might work, what doesn’t work?

2) A deeper exploration of accommodating resistance.  Bands, chains, cams, and more- for strength athletes, endurance athletes, and multi-sport athletes.

3) Grit. What is the mindset of a world class ultra runner?  Featuring Nickademus de la Rosa, Barkley marathon winner, overall badass ultra runner, and CHP coach.  What does it take, mentally, to conquer the most challenging races and events, and how can you apply this to your athletes, your training, and your life?

4) Nutrition for food challenged individuals- celiac disease, crohn’s, UC, or various faith based or other self-selected nutritional restrictions.  How to manage these issues with your clients, and how to work within these dietary restrictions to maximize performance and body composition.

5) Minimum effective dose, maximum tolerable dose, deloads, and planned overreaching.  How to measure and manage athlete fatigue, progression, and spot regression.  This track will delve into recovery/readiness metrics and tools, as well as how to determine leading and lagging measures of preparedness.

6) Cardio and concurrent training for larger individuals- strength athletes, or just individuals carrying a bit more weight than the norm. Gear choices, special considerations, differences in pacing/power charts, expected progression, and how to minimize interference.

7) Lightning Q&A- 45 minutes, every question answered in order.

Once you register, a meeting link will be provided at least two weeks prior to the webinar!