Template pay what you can!


Donation page for our free templates!  Adjust quantity to adjust donation!



For those who received the free CHP templates, if you feel like they’re worth a few dollars, this is the place to toss the coaches who put them together a few dollars/pounds/euros/what have you.  We sincerely appreciate it- there’s ZERO pressure to throw anything our way, we understand how tight budgets are these days.


The typical retail for these would be around $59 (given the time and thought that went into them), but anything would of course be appreciated.  If you’re not in a position for anything at all, all we ask is that you enjoy them, get some use out of them, and send them to your friends if you think they’ll benefit.  We’re all in this together.


The price here is $1.00.  Simply change the “quantity” from the number next to “add to cart” to add more to your donation, if you so choose, and we’ll handle the rest on checkout.  Donations over $15 get a free CHP bottle opener (just send us your address and a copy of the receipt), and donations of $60 or more also get you a free 30 minute consult to go along with your template from a coach of your choice.  (Same thing- email us a receipt copy and we’ll get you sorted).


Stay safe, stay healthy, be powerful.