CORE- Payment plan

$115.00 / month for 4 months

Payment plan for the CORE course- 4 payments of 115!



This is the first run product ONLY, starting January 7th, and will be the only time this course will be offered live.  By purchasing access to this course, you understand that you will be participating in the full development of what is to be one of the most comprehensive non-university affiliated courses on exercise science and practical nutrition/training on the market.  While the course schedule is set and modules are finalized, these classes will be offered LIVE, and as such the program will adapt to your feedback.

The course will consist of multiple lectures per week, with recommended reading.  A free copy of the Hybrid Athlete will be provided, as will two free electronic textbooks on biochemistry and biomechanics.  Lectures will be available to watch live, but will also be recorded.  The expectation is that you will participate as close to real time if at all possible, completing course modules within a week or two of when they are scheduled, but we understand completely that life happens and this may not be possible. This does NOT disqualify you from the course!  Simply let us know your travel plans, and we can work around delivery and ensure you’re still provided with the best possible experience.

The course is scheduled to begin with orientation and syllabus distribution on January 7th, 2019.  Please note, lecture times WILL vary, and will take place both during the week and on weekends.  By varying time zones and days, we hope that everybody, regardless of location in the world, will be able to attend at least one weekly lecture live.

Course modules:

Module 1: Physiology.  Biomechanics, cell biology, biochemistry, neurology

Module 2: Fundamentals of strength training, adaptation and programming

Module 3: Fundamentals of endurance training, adaptation and programming

Module 4: Physics and training

Module 5: Concurrent programming

Module 6: Nutrition

Module 7: Athlete psychology

Module 8: Special topics

Each module will delve into both theoretical and practical components of each topic, and will include research reviews, real world examples and application, and several guest lectures by subject matter experts.


1) What are the prerequisites?

A basic knowledge of exercise science is recommended, however, as long as you have even a fuzzy memory of high school biology, you will find the material approachable. Some folks will need more study time than others.

2) What if I end up not being able to attend any lectures live?

No problem.  All lectures will be recorded

3) Will I be able to communicate with the instructors?

Yes, there will be a facebook group specifically for course discussion, though we may implement a different (free) chat system if there’s enough demand. Instructors will also be available by email, and we may record Q&A lectures following each week if there are enough questions.

4) Will this course grant CEUs?

If you’re interested, we can certainly work with you to get it registered for any number and kind of CEUs- we will determine this on a case by case basis.

5) Is there a cap on students?

Yes, this first run will be capped at 50 students.

6) Will this course make me a better coach/athlete/trainer/human?

Yes. The goal isn’t to simply throw information at students, but rather, to build an understanding of the human body and the science of exercise in such a way that the student will be able to look at training and nutrition at both the systemic/sport level and the cellular level. As a personal note from us (Alex and Geoff), this effectively represents our goal of supporting the growth of a new era of fitness professionalism- one where people in the field no longer have to rely on third parties to interpret research and best practice for them- they’ll be able to do it themselves, and the field will be better for it.  The knowledge delivered will be both academic/theoretical AND practical- there will be AMPLE instruction on actual athletic programming and progression/periodization.

7) I am an exercise science student/MS/PhD/DPT/RD, will this course be too basic for me?

Absolutely not. While the early modules do indeed focus on a working knowledge of all involved science, the emphasis throughout will be on application, and the practical programming and nutrition components will be relevant and useful for even the most advanced researcher or practitioner.

Please note, once purchased this course is non-refundable- however, if the course does not begin on January 7th or continue as stated for 8 months, refunds will be offered.  You MAY transfer your registration if needed, simply notify us by email and we will walk you through the process.