Premier Coaching Package (Legacy) Six month

$1,890.00 every 6 months

Complete Human Performance’s Premiere Level Coaching is not traditional coaching.  This is not general back and forth programming to help you meet your goals, this is not just helping you reach targets that you believe possible- Our Premiere Level coaching is 100% bespoke programming, where you let us take the helm completely.  We push you to your limits, utilizing the absolute most up to date information and data we have to make you into a better, more freakish athlete than you ever thought possible.  When you register, you will be tasked with developing, with us, a set of ambitious goals above and beyond what you realistically believe you can achieve, and we will work with you, over at least a 6 month timeline, to get you there.

This is not fake bravado or marketing, we have the expertise to combine every conceivable training discipline into a program that will take you further than ever before- but in signing up, you agree to adhere to our training 100%. We require specific dedication- this programming takes an unprecedented amount of our coach’s time and effort, and we cannot let it go to waste!

Ready to start? It’s easy to sign up now!

Just select the coaching package you want and follow the steps to sign up. Please see below for details on getting started after you sign up.

All packages are subject to autorenewal. See below for more details.

NOTE- LEGACY SUBSCRIPTION.  If you are not a current client, this will not be processed and will be refunded!

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Once you sign up, you will be directed to an initial athlete intake form. Please fill this form out as soon as possible so that we can get you started!  PLEASE NOTE:  For the premier, this also serves as an application, as space/availability is EXTREMELY limited.  If there is no space currently available, we will email you back and let you know your options, which may include alternative tiers, delayed start dates, or a full refund issued immediately!

After we receive your form, you will receive an email within 48 hours with further details about how to access your TrainingPeaks account (our online coaching software) and training assessments. Note that your card will be charged immediately, however your training begins on the day of your first TrainingPeaks assessment. Any time to start-up will be added on to the end of your training at no cost to you.

Refund Policy: We do not offer refunds on coaching packages that have been initiated and for which programming has been provided by the coach for that month OR for any long term package that was subject to a discounted rate up front and for which the client wishes to cancel early.

Autorenewal: When you sign up for a training or nutrition service, you agree to autorenewal of the package you purchase. It is your responsibility to cancel the subscription if you wish to end services. Please note, accidental renewals that must be refunded may be subject to a transaction fee! Please refer to the Terms of Use or FAQs section of the website for more details.