CHP MXN Legends – 3 month program



CHP MXN Legends is about helping men over the age of 35 deal with the training and health challenges associated with getting older, ranging from changes to body composition and response to exercise, recovery, hormones, psychological changes, and other common life commitments associated with this age range. This will be done with through diet, training, and lifestyle guidance in a community framework.


The program includes 3 full months of:

  • Four tiers of easy to follow training plans, for all levels, and access to coaches with significant experience in remote coaching for nearly every goal
  • Nutritional guidance and best practices, including a starter’s manual
  • Access to a private community forum where you can interact with other members, ask questions, share your successes, and speak with all your coaches
  • Weekly email to touch base/catch up/discuss your progress with one of our coaching team, set goals, and more
  • Weekly webinars and Q&As discussing a variety of topics associated with mxn’s health, well being, training, nutrition, hrt, and relationships for those over the age of 35
  • Access to a full database of exercise videos
  • And more!  See below for Frequently Asked Questions!


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What is CHP MXN Legends?

We are a group training and community support program dedicated to helping men deal with the effects of life and age on physical activity, health, and training. 


Why does CHP MXN Legends exist?

As men age into their late 30s and beyond they face specific physical changes that can affect their health, feelings of well-being, and physical ability. In addition to these age associated changes these individuals often face growing responsibilities with long term significant others, increasing familial commitments, and a maturing career- but there are also those of us who find ourselves starting anew in these years with a lot more wisdom, but a little less energy than we once had. Balancing physical fitness and mental wellbeing among these changes and responsibilities for these men can be a challenge. That is where CHP MXN comes in. We are here to help provide training guidance, educational materials on these physical changes, effective approaches to health, and provide a community to discuss all of these issues.


What does CHP MXN Legends consist of?

CHP MXN Legends is a multi-faceted community based group that aims to provide group training, education, and community interaction to men ages 35 and up. This will consist of providing weekly educational content, scalable programming, and a community to support the needs of our members. These will include weekly emails, group video calls, and a private Slack group for conversation.


Who is CHP MXN Legends for?

CHP MXN Legends is for anyone dealing with the changes typically associated with a male body over the age of 35, as well as changes in life status and expectations as an aging male. We aim to help these individuals balance their training, training expectations, home life, and physical changes associated with aging into a holistic and balanced approach to physical well being.



“I am interested. When does this start?” 

On 1/3/2021 (January 3rd), you will receive a comprehensive nutritional manual, 4 “tiers” of exercise templates, and Value/Goal-setting worksheets. You will be signed up for our weekly educational email series, given a Slack login to your community channel, and a week to absorb materials and choose a template. The educational email series, coaching, and check ins begin 1/11 officially. The program spans 3 months.


“What do the templates include? I do not have access to a gym!” 

No worries! We are well aware that globally, gym access and equipment access may be difficult. We have made sure that our templates serve all experience levels (4 “tracks” with increasing skill requirements), and all equipment needs (no equipment, low equipment, home gym, standard gym). The basic emphasis will be general strength training, with extra accessory sessions that support hypertrophy/physique goals, cardiovascular training, or endurance work.


“What will the educational emails cover, and the weekly group calls?” 

Weekly emails will contain educational information on nutrition, training, discussion topics for the group, and practices that tie in with your continued forward progress. Weekly catch-up calls with the group will include one, two, or all coaches, and be an open floor for any topics you wish to discuss with the group

“What if I miss a group call? Can I watch it later?” 

Yes! We will record and post every call in the group for viewing and continued discussion in the Slack channel.


“How do weekly check ins work with three coaches, and the group format?” 

Using a concise and easy-to-answer list of questions, you can check in with all of your coaches weekly in a single email. Answer the questions you feel are relevant to your progress in that given week, and ask an open question to the group of coaches or to one specifically. Coaching is to support the use of our provided templates and worksheets, and is not heavily individualized.


“What if I have questions that require more time or individualization?” 

It happens! If you need or want more time with a specific coach, we have an add-on available to sign up for extra coaching calls (or emails). These are also a great way to determine if 1:1 coaching is the right choice for you once the 3 months ends! If you choose that option, your call is credited toward your first month of 1:1 training with your coach of choice.


“What if I am diabetic, or have very limiting medical requirements?” 

We would recommend 1:1 coaching! This program is not designed to specifically address medical conditions (including any specific dietary needs), and we recommend discussing any concerns with your care team. If you are comfortable managing your symptoms on your own and do not need any extra assistance, group coaching will be right for you. If you are looking to get more specific instruction on how to handle your particular medical needs, personalized nutritional coaching would be our recommendation. 


“I cannot join this time, but I want to do this program. When will it be opened up again?” 

We will open up sign ups every 6 weeks to new groups of mxn!


“What if I love this and want to stick with the group coaching after the 3 months?” 

Stay tuned – we anticipate you will love the community, programming, and discussion. We plan to have a larger group training option available, month-to-month, and an option available for those of you who want continued access to the training templates, but do not require ongoing group access or support.