Master Coaching Package

From: $250.00 / month and a $15.00 sign-up fee

This package includes:

  • customized goal setting
  • Access to the HPA:Core Course
  • a premium TrainingPeaks account
  • individualized daily programming for you, OR:
  • 3 x review sessions per week where we discuss and assist in programming for select clients of YOURS
  • input from multiple coaches

Ready to start? It’s easy to sign up now!

Just select the coaching duration you want and follow the steps to sign up. We have month-to-month programming at our standard rate or multiple month packages at a graduated discounted rate.

Once you sign up, you will be receive an email with a link to the Initial Intake Form. Please fill this form out as soon as possible as this will help us match you up with the best coach/instructor. If you have a particular coach in mind, please enter their name in the respective field when you fill out the Initial Athlete Intake Form. If you’re unsure, you can read more about each coach or select “unsure” in the athlete intake form and we will match you up with the best fit.*

Also please note your preferred email address for access to the CORE course, and we’ll get you set up!

*Coach preference subject to availability.


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 For coaches, by coaches.  Register for the master coaching package, and you get instant FREE access to the CHP CORE course.

When you register, you can decide if you want us to program for YOU, or WITH you for a new client that may be outside your comfort zone.  Want to learn to program for triathlons?  Ultramarathons?  Specific hybrid challenges?  Or do you yourself want to work with a coach who takes the time to explain what they’re doing and why, leaving you with a greater understanding of the WHY behind your programming?  A new offering here, which leverages CHP’s expertise in multiple disciplines and is intended for coaches and athletes who want to bring more skills to their clients (or add them their own toolbox)

(Please note- you MUST remain on the master coaching package for at least two months to KEEP access to the CORE, otherwise your access ends when the coaching package ends!)