HPA Course


Complete Human Performance and Human Performance Analytics present HPA: CORE, an educational offering unlike any other currently aimed at fitness professionals, coaches, and training enthusiasts of all sorts.

CORE starts with the basic science: Biomechanics, biology, statistics, chemistry, then builds on earlier lessons to dig into the intricacies of exercise selection, progression, and nutrition.  The objective of this course is to elevate the standard of knowledge in this field, to ensure that every graduate has the tools available to critically evaluate information, to read and understand current literature, and contribute to the field.

Bridging the gap between university level learning and accessible continuing education/certification level learning for current professionals, the CORE course is intended to be both accessible and useful to all level of students, containing both fundamentals and immediately actionable lessons that will improve your fitness practice.

The CORE is the beginning of our educational services, not the end.  Included in the CORE is access to special rates on add on educational modules, special student pricing for our Vanguard series (special topics, offered quarterly), and all other electronic products.


Please make sure to create an account at checkout, or else you will NOT be able to access the course!  If you’ve purchased this course without creating one, please contact us at coaching@completehumanperformance.com and we can set one up for you manually.





Q: Is this course going to require live attendance or involve a strict schedule?

A: No!  The bulk of the material can be accessed at your own pace, as your schedule allows.  We are planning some live sessions in the future to cover select topics as we find out what people need.


Q: Do I get access to future CORE material if I buy now?

A: Anything that we add to the HPA: CORE course itself will be accessible to you.  In other words, as we improve the main offering, you’ll benefit from those additions as well.  No need to worry about buyer’s remorse!


Q: Does purchasing the CORE course give me discounts on other products or modules?

A: Yes!  In addition to discounts on current online offerings from Complete Human Performance, you’ll also get discounts on any additional Human Performance Analytics material that we create (e.g. advanced lectures, live workshops, the Vanguard series etc.)


Q: Is there a textbook?

A: We have a few textbooks that, while not required, may provide an additional study aid for you.  Two of these are totally free and can be found online at links we provide, while a third is available at a reasonable price (but again, it is optional).  We also have selected readings — usually in the form of research papers and similar materials — that we provide for specific modules.


Q: Can CORE count for continuing education credits?

A: We are an approved provider for the ACSM- our course is a massive 35 hours of lecture, so qualifies ACSM certified trainers and professionals for 35 CECs upon completion of the optional final exam!  


Q: Do you offer an HPA: CORE certification?

A: While we do not currently have a certification in place, we are looking into providing this based on the development of our course content and demand from people who enroll.