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Stay at the forefront of the field- whether you’re a casual fitness enthusiast, athlete, coach, or educator, the Vanguard series will cover topics that are currently inadequately addressed and so filled with misinformation that even the experts seem to be unsure where the evidence stands.

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Two full days packed with information- the most condensed but still comprehensive weekend seminar we could conceivably put together on wide variety of current, cutting edge topics in health and fitness/athletics.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of current trends in the industry, and providing comprehensive, “what you need to know” explanations and deep dives into topics that will bring you up to speed and keep you in the front of the field.  Ranging from the latest in athletic programming to supplements, neurology, biomechanics, you’ll find in depth answers to any questions you may have on topics that are controversial, filled with misinformation, or simply so cutting edge that it’s hard to distinguish between quackery, theory and evidence.

This will be a SIMULCAST in person AND web-based seminar- there will be limited live slots available, and the presentation will be mic’ed up and broadcast to a larger online audience.  Please note, in person attendees will be invited to both training sessions (one lifting session, one hike/running session), and dinner/drinks, but we will do our best to answer questions from both the online and live audience.  And YES- this will be recorded live and made available to all who’ve purchased both the seminar AND webinar, so if you want access to the recording after the fact but may not make the date, please feel free to register!  (This will give you the opportunity to still email questions prior to the seminar, or request specific facets of a topic be covered).

Location:  San Diego, CA (specific location TBD)

Date:  September 14th and 15th


September 14th:

  • Hybrid/concurrent programming- myths, misconceptions, basic principles, and the true limits of human capacity. This topic WILL include programming, but will be heavily biased towards a review of current literature and best practice. What systems are most effective, adaptation/deterioration rates of athleticism and how to periodize, managing the interference effect, psychological/neurological challenges of hybrid athletes
  • Muscle building/hypertrophy- what REALLY matters in hypertrophy, can you build muscle in a deficit, and a review of relevant biochemistry. Not just a volume discussion, this topic will delve into the biochemistry in a way that actually makes sense, discussing the complexity of cellular signaling, how these systems all interact, and WHY the literature on muscle building seems to continuously conflict.  Intensity versus volume, isolations versus compound movements, range of motion, the role of NO in muscle building… An attempt to generate a “unified theory” of hypertrophy will be the goal!
  • Keto, carbohydrate periodization, and performance.  Another deep dive into keto, including mechanisms by which it can manage inflammation, cramping and pain. What is “fat adapted”, really, and are there benefits to cycling in ketogenic or low-carbohydrate periods in athletic programming? Up-regulation and down-regulation of various enzymes and pathways will be discussed here, which will ALSO provide a bit of insight into why the research seems to conflict!
  • The limits of human performance.  An overview/analysis of the progress in human performance, ranging from speed to strength to endurance.  What are the factors that truly limit human potential?  This will be a historical overview touching on topics like the alimentary limit (how much food we can process), limits of contractile strength of muscles, human oxygen utilization limits, and psychological/neurological limits to performance- and potentially how to overcome them.  When will we see a sub-2:00:00 marathon, a raw 800 pound bench press, and other extremes of human ability?
  • Performing in the death zone.  An in depth discussion on altitude, heat, cold, and pressure, and what it means for humans.  How we adapt in the short term and long term, how to train for these conditions (including crossover adaptation), and myths and misconceptions.  We’ll discuss everything from training for desert ultramarathons (and how we can survive these conditions) to altitude training, hydration, and the latest research on systems and supplements that can help humanity perform in the harshest conditions on earth.
  • Endurance.  What makes us faster? What is the difference between lactate threshold, ventilatory threshold, and VO2 max? What triggers actual endurance adaptations on a biochemical level?  What role does efficiency in movement play in performance?  What is the minimum effective dose needed for overall health, and is there such a thing as an endurance “non responder”?  Endurance supplements such as beets and beta alanine will also be covered.
  • Rapid Q&A- 1 minute answers to training and nutrition questions, including proprietary systems. (LIVE ATTENDEES ONLY)Lifting session, dinner, and drinks to follow!

September 15th:

Morning hike/run out on some of the finest trails that San Diego has to offer.

  • CBD. The latest research on this particular compound.  What can it actually do? What benefits are real versus overstated? We’ll analyze actual known biological mechanisms that it operates on, look at all the latest research, and discuss what it can and can’t do for sleep, anxiety, inflammation, disease, and human performance.  Methods of administration, quality and standardization issues, THC concentration, CBD vs CBN vs CBG, and more will all be covered.
  • HRV.  How does it actually work?  Medical applications and utilization, frequency domain versus time domain analysis, and how to actually utilize it in training and recovery. An in depth analysis of actual biological underpinnings, the workings of the autonomic nervous system, issues/flaws with commercial HRV software, and variability in measurement tools (often influenced by the need to sell products) will shed light on the conflicting findings, and give a practical understanding of how to truly use this metric.
  • SARMs and peptides. Are they safe, are they effective?  We’ll cover compounds ranging from true SARMs to “healing” peptides (TB500, BPC-157), endurance boosters (ITPP, GW1516, AICAR), growth hormone analogues/secretagogues, and more.  Is what you find on the market legitimate?  What is the legality of use? Which are prohibited in sport?  Underlying mechanisms will also be discussed, including how the androgen receptor functions, how growth hormone works in the body, and more.
  • Chronic pain and the athlete.  This topic will cover managing chronic pain in both athletic populations and general populations. What IS pain?  How do we distinguish between the sensation of pain and the experience of pain?  What is current best practice with regards to medication, procedures, and training practices that can be used in concert to get athletes back on the field, or chronic pain patients off the couch.
  • PRP, stem cells, and the current state of regenerative medicine.  How are these treatments used, what are current best practices, how do you know if someone is a candidate for these treatments, and (most importantly), how should these be used in conjunction with good training practices for best effect?
  • Breathing and the athlete. A discussion that will go beyond nasal breathing- the role of respiration and controlled breathing in managing stress and its impact on the autonomic nervous system, improving task precision when fatigued (think biathlon and combat), regulation of blood pH, and perceived exertion.
  • Q&A: 1 minute answers on quackery and mythology (LIVE ATTENDEES ONLY)


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