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Nutrition for the Athlete (part 2)

A few myths addressed, and basic macronutrient requirements In the previous installment, we gave a basic overview of the process of digestion and nutrient absorption.  Before moving on to the real application section (designing your diet for maximum energy), it’s important to discuss a few implications of what’s been written

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Supplement Roundup: The Real basics: Creatine, Preworkouts, Protein, BCAAs

Dietary supplementation tends to be one of the biggest black boxes in most athlete’s training programs.  Anti-doping rules cloud the issues of what is “natural” and what isn’t, pharmaceutical-type labeling on herbal remedies and wild claims regarding performance enhancement or fat loss (rightly) turn most consumers into skeptics, and massive

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The 7 Laws of Training for Muscle Growth

Once you get the basics covered, nutrition is pretty simple. If you eat the right amount of calories and macronutrients, eat a fairly healthy diet, and stick to a sensible meal schedule, you’re basically set. Training for muscle growth can get more complicated, a lot more complicated. Walk into any

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How to Build Muscle with the Right Workout Program

Let me ask you a question: why do you lift weights? Are you trying to get stronger? Are you trying to gain muscle? Are you trying to improve your general health and fitness? If the main reason you lift weights is to gain muscle, rather than get stronger, then your

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How to Stay Super Lean (Without Going Nuts)

Losing fat is hard. Losing a lot of fat is harder. But neither is as hard as maintaining a super lean physique — without going nuts. You’re probably willing to put up with dieting if you know the end is in site. What you’re not willing to tolerate is the

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