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Head coach Jonathan Pain leads Painless Performance, a standalone strength, conditioning, and nutrition segment aimed directly at targeting the specific needs of fighters.
David Stache is Painless Performance’s lead Sports Nutritionist and brings a level of experience and expertise unrivaled in combat sports. Whether developing long term nutritional strategies to enable exceptional performance outcomes or keeping athlete’s sharp, energized and focused whilst maintaining output during weight cutting, we have the very best minds in the business ready to work with you.


Incorporating and applying the principles of the hybrid training methodology we can enhance development of all the energy systems and specifically address the output required for optimising the attributes of any given athlete, recognizing the key attributes of each individual and the specific requirements of sporting application.


Our aim is to create a program that is balanced and comprehensive. Producing improvements in strength, power and structural integrity as well as examining the prehabilitative needs of each individual athlete and sport, combat specific strength programming will allow you to apply technique efficiently and conclusively.


Drawing on the expertise shared with CHP, we, at Painless Performance, can offer a fully rounded service whereby combat athletes and professionals can explore the psychological elements of their chosen sport, art or work. Understanding mindset, aggression control and fear (yes, fear) control are vastly important and we can work with each individual to explore new elements in their game.