Coaching Packages

Already know what we're about? Interested in our customized, multi sport, multidisciplinary team based coaching? Sign up with any of our packages below, or Contact Us to have us call or email you with more information about what we do! Just fill in your email address or phone number and a member of our team will reach out to you (with no obligation attached) to answer all your questions about your sport, your goals, and what we can do for you.

Our Basic plan is for 90% of clients.  You get a customized plan with daily or weekly workout delivery, one on one communication with your coach via email, an invitation to our Facebook community, a 10% discount on ALL additional services (ranging from our sports psych to physical therapy/rehabilitation consulting services), and the knowledge that you're getting your programming from a team of diverse coaches- all experts in their field.

The Master package is for the 10% of clients who want it all- this client has serious competitive aspirations (or ambitious professional goals requiring peak performance, such as SFAS or other physically grueling Selection), and would benefit from daily, near real-time access to his or her coach. With this plan, you get a full 20% off our add on services, one Skype call included per week, real-time access to your coach during competition or testing, and at least two coaches developing your programming, ensuring that not a single aspect of your training goes overlooked.

The Signature package is recommended for individuals looking for nutrition included and who want a single point of contact for both training and nutrition. If you’ve ever struggled with multiple goals and found a standard nutrition plan that doesn’t perfectly track with your athletic ambitions has held you back, this is the package for you.

Once you purchase a package, you'll receive an intake form in your email immediately, asking you for more specific information on your goals.  Within 48 hours, one of our coaches focused on YOUR specific objectives will contact you.

Still not sure what package is right for you, or still wondering if we can help you achieve your specific goals?  Wondering if we have the expertise you need? Enter in your contact information below, and a member of our team will contact YOU.



Per week

  • Customized goal setting
  • Daily custom programming
  • TrainingPeaks account
  • Up to 7 emails weekly
  • 10% off add-on services
  • Nutrition not included



Per week

Includes all of the services offered with our Basic Coaching Package PLUS:

  • 1 hour initial assessment
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Input from multiple coaches
  • Nutrition not included



Per week

Includes all of the services offered with our Master Coaching Package PLUS:

  • Regular phone contact
  • Nutrition plan
  • 20% off add-on services

Interested in something specific?

We currently offer tailored packages for triathlon, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition. We can also create custom packages with additional services like physical therapy, sports performance psychology, and gait analysis.

Not sure which programming is right for you? Want something more customized? Shoot us your contact information and one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours to answer all of your questions about our coaching and nutrition services.

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