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Military & LEO PREP


Our military and selection prep division had its roots in strength and conditioning coaching at a major University six years ago. In 2011, Annie Dohack, our division head, was working as a strength coach at the time, and was given the opportunity to design ROTC program PT. The understanding was that the current program could use some improvement- and if the cadets had their PT scores went up, this would be a regular occurrence. They did, dramatically, and a new area of programming was born. By 2013, we became increasingly involved with the military- our hybrid approach of combining strength and conditioning while managing recovery and injury was a natural fit for the needs of these individuals, and after presentations at Ft. Bragg and Ft. Campbell, we began further assisting with course development.

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Military & SF Selection

In 2017, we’ve now had over 300 individual case studies to work on, ranging from Green Berets  to French Foreign legion to basic military PT test preparation, civilian contractors, and more. We have a tremendously the wide variety of different selections and screenings that we've gone through and prepared our clients for, and this versatility has given us tremendous insight into how we structure our programs.

Our success rate speaks for itself- for example, we currently have at least a 76% success rate in the Q course. (The average SOF success rate is 25-35%.)


Knowledgable & Flexible

Our network ensures we are up to date and stay on the forefront of program design and understanding of needs: We’ve been able to network and connect with different cadre and course officials for different selection processes, and our recommendations have played a role in course development.

We are fully aware and experienced in working around the schedules of all our clients, regardless of deployment status, location, and any other limitations that may arise in the life of any military personnel.

Law Enforcement Prep

For law enforcement, our basic process is similar.  We find out what each course looks like, what testing parameters are, and program towards specific needs. We treat our clients like athletes and professionals- we understand the challenges of each program and understand that simple blanket programs may not be ideal.  We look at where you are, where you need to be, what time you have, and develop a custom program to get you from A to B.

Military & Police

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