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Our Mission

When Complete Human Performance was founded in 2012, there was one goal in mind: to cut through the misinformation about training and nutrition, and to create simple, customized, and highly-effective training plans to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential. Putting together YEARS of strength and endurance coaching and experience Ironmans, ultramarathons and powerlifting, the results speak for themseleves. As Complete Human Performance has grown, our mission is now to bring together the best minds in fitness and sports performance together to develop custom programming for ANY person, at any level, anywhere in the world.


Alex Viada, CSCS, USAT

Strength & Endurance
BS, Duke University
avid homebrewer
Ironman Finisher
Ultra Finisher

A lifelong athlete, Alex has participated and competed in nearly every sport imaginable (some with greater success than others), since being dragged to his first swim meet when he was four years old.

He has coached over 300 athletes of all ages and levels, in sports ranging from bodybuilding to ultra-running to triathlon to cycling to powerlifting. He has also prepared close to 40 individuals for Ranger School, SFAS, BUD/s, and other selective military programs. His Hybrid Training method is simple — it consists of breaking down the demands and unique stressors of every type of training an athlete requires, and programming to target specific demands, not “labels” (i.e. “strength training,” “conditioning,” “endurance training,” etc.). The result is a style of programming that has produced a significant number of powerlifting triathletes and 300+ pound runners.

Many athletes working with Complete Human Performance find themselves setting personal records in strength, speed and distance at the same time–something that was traditionally seen as impossible.

Kelly Bruno, MD and USA Track and Field certified coach, is co-owner of Complete Human Performance. She is currently an Anesthesiology Resident at UNC Hospitals with nine years of personal training and coaching experience, over 17 years of high level competitive athletic experience, and a former world record holder for her classification in numerous track events (including the 100 meter, 200 meter, and 400 meter), as well as a veteran triathlete, marathoner, and ultra-marathoner.

She was only 6 months old when she had her leg amputated below the knee due to a congenital deformity, but has never let that slow her down. With multiple Ironman triathlons and a 100 mile ultra-marathon to her credit, Kelly has continued to push the limits of what is physically possible. She is well known by prosthetists for being the only 120 pound female who can utterly destroy the most rugged and durable carbon fiber equipment after mere months of use.

Kelly Bruno, MD, USATF

Pain Medicine, Ultraruuning, Triathlon
BS, Duke University
MD, University of North Carolina
Pain Fellowship, UC San Diego
3 X Ironman Finisher
3 X 100 Mile Ultra Finisher

Annie "Gunshow", MS

Strength, Physique, Military Prep, Nutrition
MS, Exercise Physiology
Physique Competitor

Annie “Gunshow” started on her path into fitness by achieving B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Science as well as her Masters in Exercise Physiology. During her time as a student, she was able to start working with athletes of varying levels as well as the general population. Since finishing her graduate work, Annie has worked in the collegiate, clinical, and private setting and currently calls Memphis, TN and NBS Fitness home.

Special interests to Annie are powerlifting, strongman, and physique sports. As an athlete, she has competed in all of those areas at a high level as well as dabbled in running events and CrossFit. Her areas of specialty at this time are military prep, powerlifting, strongman, and endurance improvement.

Anthony D’Orazio joined CHP in 2014, and in his time with CHP he has successfully helped over 200 athletes with their fitness goals either through programming or diet writing. Anthony specializes in programming clients with body composition and physique goals, and has experience working with amateur boxers, BJJ practitioners, and individuals that would simply like to live a healthier lifestyle or move to a healthier weight. Anthony supports a number of CHP athletes with their dietary goals by helping provide CHP’s weekly dieting service.

Anthony graduated from Duke University in 2004 with a BS in Biology and a BA in Visual Art. After finishing his undergraduate degree Anthony spent a year working as a protein biochemist in the laboratory of Dan Kiehart at Duke University. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University for his graduate work. In 2012 he received his Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology. Since that time he has followed his interest in teaching and helping others by working as a lecturer in the biology program at Ohio State and other nearby campuses.

Anthony D'Orazio

Bodybuilding & Nutrition
BS, Duke University
PhD, Ohio State University
Natural Bodybuilding
Dog Lover
Owns 2 Ball Pythons

Jonathan Pain, CSCS

Strength, Fighting, Military Prep, Nutrition
Jiu-Jitsu Competitor
MMA Competitor
Celtman Extreme Triathlon Finisher
Painless Performance, Owner

Jonathan has worked in the industry for over 15 years and worked with hundreds of clients in many different fields. Jonathan has also written and taught the Strength and Conditioning Degree Program at the University level. Whilst looking after the needs of professional football (soccer) and rugby squads, he has built up an impressive roster of athletes from a variety of sports.

Painless Performance has produced national champions and podium finishers in powerlifting, weightlifting and triathlon. However, it is in the field of combat sports that Jonathan spent much of his career. Initially competing on the underground and unlicensed circuits, Jonathan sought out the mentorship of experts in the field of self protection and then went on to cross train in the martial arts practicing the striking and grappling arts in as many disciplines as were available.

Competing in Jiu-Jitsu and MMA whilst maintaining a strong discipline of the Strength and Conditioning and Nutritional practice, Jonathan established himself as a standout practitioner in his field. Although persistent injury stopped Jonathan competing, he has since gone on to work with international standard amateur and professional boxers, world champion jiu-jitsu players, MMA fighters competing at the highest possible level and Olympic and Commonwealth Judo players. Competitively, Jonathan now concentrates on extreme endurance challenges.

Alec Blenis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He found early success in his athletic career in the world of obstacle racing. With a background in both weightlifting and cross-country in high school, it was only natural for him to podium in his first obstacle course race. After dozens of top finishes around the country, he was named to the Spartan Race Pro Team in 2013 and has been ranked as one of the top ten obstacle racers nationwide. While competing on the OCR circuit, he began running increasingly longer trail races too, ranging from marathons to 70-mile ultras. Since his first in 2011, Alec has competed in over twenty ultra marathons, with a preference for only the most rugged and technical courses.

Having simultaneously trained for both short course obstacle races and grueling mountain ultras, Alec specializes in training runners with demanding racing schedules and diverse sets of goals. Whether it’s preparing for your first obstacle course race, ultra marathon, or both, he combines hybrid-training methodology with real world experience to help you succeed across a wide spectrum of endurance events.

Alec Blenic, CSCS

Ultrarunning, OCR, Strength
BS, Georgia Tech
Spartan Race Pro Team
Top 10 OCR
Ultra Runner

Elise Fugowski, CF-L1, USAW, CSCS

Strength, CrossFit, Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Certification
Division 1 Soccer Player, UConn
Semi-Pro Soccer Player, QS Lady Blues
11th OA World, Spartan Race, 2014
17th OA World, Spartan Race, 2013

Elise Fugowski is co-owner of The Coliseum Strength and Conditioning in Central Valley, NY. She has spent years coaching dozens of athletes to prepare them for their collegiate athletic careers, both as a team head coach and individual trainer.

More recently, Elise has been athletically involved with CrossFit and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). She has 10 first place finishes and has made the podium in over 95% her races. This year has marked steady improvements in all her capabilities, and with a near triple bodyweight deadlift and sub 6 minute mile time (5:42), she is well positioned to make a mark in several new athletic endeavors this year.

Her areas of expertise include CrossFit, team sport, OCR programming, military preparation, Weightlifting, and other mixed modality strength/endurance events. 

She has successfully coached numerous CrossFit athletes from those looking to get their first muscle up to CrossFit Master’s Games athletes. She specializes in breaking down specific movements to each athlete’s ability in order to perfect technique and efficiency.

Jenn Rotsinger has been a competitive powerlifter since 2004 and has lifted in all divisions of the sport from raw with sleeves to full multi-ply. She is also co-owner of Gorilla Bench Training Center in Clearwater, FL.

Some of her proudest accomplishments include a WR raw squat of 341lb (155kg), a 408lb (185.5kg) deadlift, and a 940lb (426.4kg) total in the 114lb (52kg) class. Jenn has also recently achieved a 992lb total in the 114lb class including a 375 squat, 204 bench, and 413 deadlift.

Aside from training, she also is a microbiologist, powerlifting coach, and co-owner of Gorilla Bench Training Center in Clearwater, FL.

Jenn Rotsinger

WR Holder, Total
WR Holder, Squat
WR Holder, Deadlift

Jon Fecik, USAT

BS, Quinnipiac University
Ironman World Championships
60 X Triathlon Finisher

Jon has been a triathlete for over 10 years and he lives and breathes the sport. When he began his athletic journey, Jon thought that living as an athlete meant getting in big workouts and competing a few times a year. Now that he has participated in over 60 triathlons, trained for over 30 hours in a week, and completed the Ironman World Championship, he’s realized that it is much more than that. Living as an athlete is a life approach. It requires a relentless awareness of your body, mind, and environment. It requires an unwavering desire to live and adapt, rest and grow.

He’s presently racing as a professional triathlete.

In addition to training, Jon is a full time USA triathlon certified coach and enjoys it tremendously. “There’s nothing quite like seeing the individuals I coach grow as athletes and human beings” says Jon. He has a BS in Heath Science Studies–with a focus in exercise physiology and the aging process—from Quinnipiac University. This foundation allows him to educate athletes about themselves from an acute, biological point of view, helping to prevent sickness and injury. It has also equipped him to coach older athletes who are battling age specific challenges such as sarcopenia, or the natural deterioration of the muscles due to aging.

Owner of Jaffe Strength located in Florida, Trevor Jaffe has been a competitive strength athlete for over 10 years. He has attained first place finishes in both Strongman and Weightlifting, though now has shifted his primary focus towards powerlifting. Trevor’s best competition lifts includes a 617lb squat in sleeves, 661lb squat in wraps, and a 727lb deadlift in the 198lb weight class.

Among many notable accolades, Trevor has achieved Elite totals in both the 181lb and 198lb weight classes and is the Raw Unity 9 198lb weight class champion. He currently coaches several USPA American record holders and two USPA world record holders.

Recently, Trevor has earned the nickname of “the deadlift whisperer” for his ability to improve this specific lift. Though he is also known for his uncanny ability to overall improve a lifters mechanics and technique leading to larger totals in a short time frame.

Trevor Jaffe

"Deadlift Whisperer"
Jaffe Strength, Owner
Elite Total, 181lb
Elite Total, 198lb

Jordan Adcock, BSN, CF-L1

Strength, CrossFit, Nutrition
Elite Total, Powerlifting
WR Squat Holder
XPC Finals (Arnold Classic) Qualifier
CrossFit Regionals Competitor, 2016
CrossFit Games Team Competitor, 2015

Jordan has been working in ICU since graduating in 2015. She has a passion for learning and challenging herself not only physically but intellectually as well. She has a passion for helping others and wants to become more involved in the fitness community.

Jordan grew up playing soccer and running track but later shifted her focus on competitive cheerleading, which she continued through college. She has always been extremely competitive and driven and when competitive cheerleading was no longer there she needed something to fill that void. After a year of working out in globo type gyms she came across the Crossfit Games on TV and knew she wanted to be there one day.

In winter of 2014 she briefly did a powerlifting cycle and competed in an RPS meet where she came in first, totaled elite, set a world record squat in her weight class, and qualified for the XPC Finals at the Arnold Sports Festival. The following year she turned down the opportunity to compete at the Arnold to help her team at Crossfit Wilmington qualify for the Crossfit Games. Her team qualified and she participated in the 2015 Crossfit Games in Carson, California. In 2016 she qualified as an individual for the Crossfit Atlantic Regionals. 

Jordan Wong of North Port, Florida, is a competitive powerlifter in both the 220lb and 242lb divisions. He has consistently been ranked in the top 10 for the past four years and counting. Jordan’s best lifts in competition have been an 804lb squat (no wraps), 484lb bench press, and a 705lb deadlift. He is a former all time world record holder in the 220lb weight class with a 785lb squat. He has condensed a tremendous amount of learning and experience into those years, having dealt with setbacks, including disc herniation’s, but came back stronger and smarter from the experience every time. He has worked with lifters of all levels, from intermediate to advanced (many through significant portions of their lifting careers), and helped a number of athletes recover from their own back injuries and issues.

Jordan is currently a coach for Complete Human Performance and has coached numerous powerlifters throughout the years. In addition to coaching for Complete Human Performance, he is also a personal trainer at Around the Clock Fitness in Port Charlotte, Florida. 

Jordan Wong

Top 10 Powerlifter
WR Holder Powerlifter, 220lb

Kalle Beck

Starting Strongman
California's Strongest Man
3 X Top 10 Finishes, Strongman Nationals
6th Place, Arnold World Championships, 2013

Kalle Beck has been competing in Strongman competitions since 2007, competitive highlights include California’s Strongest man and multiple state championships.

He has had 3 top ten finishes at Nationals two invites to the Arnold World Championships including 6th place in 2013.

In 2014 Kalle founded Starting Strongman one of the top sources of information and news on the sport.

Nate started his career in Personal Training and Coaching at 18 years old and never looked back. While finishing his Undergraduate Degree in Human Development he was also owner and operator of his own CrossFit gym in Columbia, Missouri. In the last decade, Nate has either owned, managed, or been the Head Coach of some incredible training facilities. While doing so, Nate was also obtaining his Masters in “Positive Coaching”, a blend of Educational and Sport Psychology from the University of Missouri in 2015.

Nate recently moved to Denver, Colorado with his wife Michelle. He is currently the Head Coach of Alpine CrossFit. In his decade of coaching, Nate has worked with athletes of all sorts of cohorts, age-ranges, and fitness levels including CrossFit Games athletes, National level weightlifters and strongman, and GRID athletes. One of his greatest joys in life is to help every individual whom he coaches to see their fullest capabilities as an athlete. Nate‘s personal interests as an athlete are Olympic Weightlifting and Team CrossFit events.

When he isn’t trying to hoist heavy weight overhead, he loves to be with his family (wife and 2 dogs), nerd out about movies and comic book-related material (he will defend that Batman is better than Superman to anyone!), and eat copious amounts of food whenever the opportunity arises.

Nate Bacott

CrossFit, Sports Psychology
MS, University of Missouri
CrossFit Gym Owner
Head Coach, CrossFit Alpine

Nickademus Hollon, ACE

Ultrarunning, Endurance, Gait Analysis
Badwater 135 (youngest finisher at 19)
Spartan Death Race, VT, 6th place
HURT 100, 3rd place
Barkley Marathons, 1st and 13th finisher in the race’s 25+yr history
Fuego y Agua 100km, 1st Place
Italy’s Tor des Geants, 2nd Place
Canada’s Fat Dog 120 Miler, 1st Place, CR
Orca 100, 1st Place

Nickademus began his athletic endeavors as a high school cross-country runner. By 17, he had begun dabbling in ultra’s by the age of 18, had ran his first 100 miler to raise money for a close friend who was battling Leukemia at the time. Once bit by the “ultra” bug, the sickness bloomed into full force.

Each year, Nickademus searched for the “world’s most difficult races”, and each year he finished every single one. He completed Badwater 135, Arrowhead 135, PLAIN 100, and HURT 100. He finally met his match in 2011 as Barkley was his first ever DNF. They say third times a charm, as Nickademus had learned to balance his ego and fear and won the notoriously difficult race in 57hrs and 41minutes in 2013.

Nick’s specialty lies in any endurance challenge that calls itself the “world’s most difficult”. Whether it be an obstacle race, running or biking, it is likely on his radar. This extreme specialization has led him to a multi-disciplinary approach in his training and coaching by integrating practices such as yoga, tai-chi, parkour, mountain biking, meditation, strength training, ad boot camps.

Mike Fecik, USA Triathlon, Cycling, and Track and Field certified coach has been coaching for over 6 years.  He swam competitively in college and then transitioned to racing triathlons.  He found good form at an early stage in his career and decided that he needed to help others train and race.  He has a keen sense of how to help someone reach his or her full potential.  Mike uses traditional and innovative training methods along with an emphasis in strength and hybrid athlete training to help push each client to a new level of performance and achievement.

Mike has raced all over the United States including racing Ironman Lake Placid, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Escape From Alcatraz, Savageman Triathlon and USAT Nationals. He uses his knowledge and real world experience to help others to achieve and exceed their own goals in the gym and while racing.

Mike Fecik, USAT, USA-C, USATF

Ironman 70.3 World Championships
Escape from Alcatraz
Savageman Triathlon
USAT Nationals

Ollie Matthews

Physique, Strength, Endurance Nutrition
MS, University of Oxford
Bodycatchers, Owner
Worked with Tour de France riders
Work with Ultraman World Champions

Ollie has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years now coming on a life changing journey along the way. Starting off being morbidly obese and not even being able to run to the end of the drive the love of fitness developed and pushing the body to drop nearly 6 stone and stepping on a bodybuilding stage at 23 years old and to date, entering 6 competitions at a high standard. Since that time Ollie has done various qualifications and developed a very in depth level of knowledge and been able to help hundreds of clients around the world not just improve the way they look but also change their lives too.

From working with beginner gym goers all the way to top level professional athletes within the endurance world, a name has been developed and with a strong following on social media has allowed Ollie to spread the word through his performance nutrition and coaching as The Athlete Upgrade Coach alongside his podcast The Athlete Upgrade Show. Recently Ollie has worked with riders in the Tour De France and in 2016 coached Ultraman World Champion Iñaki De La Perra to help him go from 13th in 2015 to 1st in 2016. Knowing that there is always space to improve, Ollie is undertaking an MS in Applied Sports Nutrition at university in Oxford to widen his education and help with his goal of impacting as many people in a positive way as possible.

Sierra Huber has been coaching and working in the educational field for over 10 years. She is a certified USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1 coach as well as swim speed secret certified and one of the few coaches in the country licensed in STGRID underwater swim analysis. She continues to train extensively as both a coach and an athlete.

Sierra has worked with Age Group to Elite triathletes, in addition to beginner athletes and military personnel looking to pass rigorous tests. Her personal experience and proficiency as a dedicated swimmer has allowed her to help other athletes conquer one of the most dreaded parts of military and triathlon training. She has coached all skill levels of athletes and all race distances. When working with athletes, Sierra excels at analyzing their form for running and swimming and knows how to pull out the best in them.

Sierra Huber, USAT, ACSA

Swimming, Triathlon
USAT Level 1
ASCA Level 1
STRGID Underwater
Swim Analyst

Max Pippa

Strongman, Powerlifting, Military Prep
BA, University of Missouri
Officer, US Army, 2014
Arnold Classic, 2010
ASC Pro Card, 2009

Max Pippa has experience with strongman, powerlifting, and military prep. He began his career in strength sports as a teenager with an interest in strongman. Max’s strongman career culminated in 2009 when he won his ASC Pro Card as a 105k Lightweight and was invited to compete in the inaugural Amateur World Championships at the 2010 Arnold Classic.

During college, Max began powerlifting, completing a competition best squat of 556, bench of 402, a 716 deadlift, and a 1624 total at 220.

He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri and commissioned as an Infantry officer in the US Army in 2014. Max has completed Airborne, Air Assault, and Ranger School, and recently earned his Expert Infantryman Badge. Max is currently serving as a heavy weapons platoon leader, after being a rifle platoon leader for 12 months.

Taylor is proud owner of a BS in Biochemistry and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, which he has put to good use treating a wide variety of athletes in his career. From strongman competitors to CrossFit athletes, ultra-runners to track specialists, high school athletes to NBA players, Taylor has seen and successfully treated a wide variety of injuries and conditions. He has spent time working with the pediatric population as well, to better understand and program for the needs of the youth athlete.

In addition to working tirelessly to bring great content to bear with CHP, Taylor also competes as an amateur strongman athlete. With a history of track and collegiate cross country as well, his knowledge base for rehabilitation spans a wide variety of sports. Taylor has personally transformed himself from a 4:40 miler to a strongman who can nearly run with 300 lbs farmers handles in each hand. As such, he can confidently handle not only endurance related rehabilitation and programming, but is also an excellent resource for injury prevention and recovery in strength athletes.

Taylor Weglicki, DPT

Strongman, Corrective Solutions
BS, Biochemistry
Doctorate, Physical Therapy
Amateur Strongman
4:40 Miler