HPA Core Modules

Complete Human Performance and Human Performance Analytics present HPA: CORE, an educational offering unlike any other currently aimed at fitness professionals, coaches, and training enthusiasts of all sorts.

CORE starts with the basic science: Biomechanics, biology, statistics, chemistry, then builds on earlier lessons to dig into the intricacies of exercise selection, progression, programming, nutrition, and sports psychology.  The objective of this course is to elevate the standard of knowledge in this field, to ensure that every graduate has the tools available to critically evaluate information, to read and understand current literature, and contribute to the field.

Bridging the gap between university level learning and accessible continuing education/certification level learning for current professionals, the CORE course is intended to be both accessible and useful to all level of students, containing both fundamentals and immediately actionable lessons that will improve your fitness practice.

Module 1 Biomechanics
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Basic Kinematics
Unit 3 Basic kinetics
Unit 4 Muscle Structure 1
Unit 5 Muscle Function 1
Unit 6 Skeleton and Joints 1
Unit 7 Biomechanics Research Discussion 1 (LIVE - Souza, 2016)
Unit 8 Biomechanics Research Principles
Unit 9 Basic Kinematics 2 (Linear)
Unit 10 Biomechanics Research Discussion 2 (LIVE - Sasaki & Neptune, 2006)
Unit 11 Basic Kinetics 2 (Linear)
Unit 12 Basic Kinematics 3 (Angular)
Unit 13 Trap Bar Deadlift discussion (LIVE)
Unit 14 Basic Kinetics #3 (Angular)
Module 2 Biology
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Cell membranes
Unit 3 Cell Organelles
Unit 4 DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis
Unit 5 Energy systems
Unit 6 The Nervous System
Unit 7 The Endocrine System
Unit 8 Cardiovascular System
Module 3 Science and logic
Unit 1 Introduction to critical thinking
Unit 2 Basic logic and arguments
Unit 3 Statistics introduction
Unit 4 Follow up to stats 1
Unit 5 Research review
Unit 6 More on the size principle
Unit 7 Size principle 3
Unit 8 Research review- sliding filaments
Unit 9 Sliding filaments, continued
Unit 10 Sliding filaments wrapup
Module 4 Strength training
Unit 1 The history of strength training
Unit 2 Popular programs and methods
Unit 3 Building a rep
Unit 4 Building a rep part 2
Unit 5 Machine analysis- cams
Unit 6 Machine analysis - pulleys
Unit 7 Videos- row, leg curl, leg extension
Module 5 Module 5 - Physics of Physiology
Unit 1 Physics of physiology- neurons
Unit 2 Physics of physiology- circulation
Unit 3 Physics of physiology- thermoregulation
Module 6 Module 6 - Nutrition
Unit 1 The gastrointestinal tract
Unit 2 Hunger and digestion
Unit 3 Nutrient management
Unit 4 Nutrient management 2
Module 7 Bonus module- Informational shorts
Unit 1 Video set 1
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