HPA Vanguard I


Two full days packed with information- the most condensed but still comprehensive weekend seminar we could conceivably put together on wide variety of current, cutting edge topics in health and fitness/athletics.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of current trends in the industry, and providing comprehensive, "what you need to know" explanations and deep dives into topics that will bring you up to speed and keep you in the front of the field.  Ranging from the latest in athletic programming to supplements, neurology, biomechanics, you'll find in depth answers to any questions you may have on topics that are controversial, filled with misinformation, or simply so cutting edge that it's hard to distinguish between quackery, theory and evidence.

Now available as a course- all modules will be accessible immediately, in a single easy to navigate format.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 What is the Vanguard series?
Module 2 Day 1- Human Performance
Unit 1 Concurrent training
Unit 2 Hypertrophy
Unit 3 The limits of human performance
Unit 4 Endurance
Unit 5 The death zone- extreme environments
Unit 6 Breathing
Module 3 Day 2- Metrics and medicine
Unit 1 SARMs
Unit 2 Regenerative Medicine
Unit 3 CBD
Unit 4 Chronic pain (roundtable)
Unit 5 Keto and carbohydrate periodization
Unit 6 HRV
Module 4 References
Unit 1 Google drive link
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