CHP Hybrid Certification

CHP Hybrid Certification

The Hybrid Athlete Training Certification offered by Complete Human Performance is an introduction to applied multi-discipline training methodology.

The course is designed to allow established coaches and trainers to expand their knowledge base and incorporate multi sport programming into their current athlete training programs.

The course is NOT intended as a standalone certification, but focuses primarily on integration of different sports and allowing a specialized coach to work with athletes who may wish to learn new disciplines or enhance their athletic abilities without compromising their primary sport.

The course outline includes:

  • An introduction to hybrid training methods, initially focusing on strength training for endurance athletes and endurance training for strength athletes
  • Physiology of metabolism and energy systems, their management, effect on recovery and adaptations to training
  • Designing and applying programs for specific athletes, including developing an understanding of stressor consolidation and overlap

You are not Dean Karnazes. Neither am I.

Prerequisites: One coaching or training certification and 8-12 months in formal coaching capacity. For a list of acceptable certifications, please email us at

Requirements: The course consists of 6 short webinars and two required readings. There will be a content-based exam and two attempts at specific program design. Participants must pass both the exam and program design in order to obtain their certification.

Registration Cost: $150

Included Materials: Hybrid Athlete Coaches Guide, access to all webinars

Membership Option: $500 for one year. Membership includes full programming support for complex clients, assistance in developing multisport programming for your gym, and exclusive access to a members only forum for questions, answers and feedback from the CHP coaching staff.

Current Level 1 CHP Hybrid Certified Coaches

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