Certified Coaches

The Hybrid Certification Courses

Interested in offering your clients periodized, concurrent training to build strength and endurance based on proven methods? We offer an online training certification course for established coaches and fitness professionals interested in expanding their knowledge base. Learn more about the Level 1 Certification Course. Currently the Level 2 Course is only available at in-person seminars.

Level 1 Certified Coaches

Blake Robinson 

Kyle Clechenko

Helena Wu

Alex Irigoyen

Sierra Huber

John Cornwell

Mike Fecik

Matt Percia

Jack Mclean

Simon Rawlins

Quentin Nichols

Mike Spagnola

Zach Crawford

Andrew Serrano

Anthony Palmero

Steve Williamson

Joel Woods

Devin Will

Isaac Wilkins

Ryan Lepper

Erik Miller

Mike Vidas

 Firas el Achkar

Tom Connor

Todd Bettler

Peter Radziewicz

Brett Wilder

Alan Sherry

Alyssa Ages

Jonathan Montgomery 

Kourtney Thomas

Kristine Becker

Tyler Kaye

 Steve Williamson

 Tisha Timan

 Mike Doehla

 Drew Whitted

 Tanner Baze

 Juhani Pitkänen

 Adam Townsend

 Ian Darragh

 Ollie Matthews

 Tristan Dimmick 

Level 2 Certified Coaches

Tom Connor