Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report

Written by: Jon Fecik. The Lead Up What I’ve discovered about myself in the last year working with Marilyn is that I’m a fast athlete, but not necessarily a strong and durable one. I can move pretty fast (although I always need to get faster), but I break down and slow down pretty easily. Ironman…

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Aerobic Conditioning Round Table: Experts in Endurance

We have some distinguished guests in this episode of CHP Radio! Alec Blenis of Complete Human Performance is on air, asking fellow CHP endurance coach Nickademus Hollon, running legend Steve Magness, Dr. Kenneth Jay, and Master RKC Andrew Read about all things aerobic conditioning. Tune in to this jam-packed episode full of tips and tidbits from some of…

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Inspiration Porn – why this dog & pony show is hurting adaptive athletes

Alex Viada, Derek Weida, and Kelly Bruno discuss the controversy surrounding inspiration porn, the state of adaptive sports, and how coaches and other competitors treat athletes.  The trio illustrate their opinions on topics like if the adaptive athlete community is being held to the standard it should be, do adaptive athletes deserve their own division in…

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CHP Coaches Answer YOUR Questions! (Part Two)

You asked? We answered! In part two of three, Sierra, Elise, Ollie, Jon, and Alec respond to your burning questions! SIERRA HUBER   What type of programming is ideal for non-athletes with no specific goal other than longevity and health? “I love using strength maintenance and Maximum Aerobic Heart rate training.  Easy to recover from…

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The Mental and Physical Demands of Powerlifting Prep

Veteran lifter and CHP coach, Jenn Rotsinger, and newer lifter Helena Wu head into their powerlifting meets at the Arnold and Battle of the Bay this coming weekend. Powerlifting is not just a physical sport, but contains a number of mental aspects that can make or break you as a lifter. The two talk shop about not…

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F.K.T’s: A New Performance Marvel

Written By: Tamara Kidd  For centuries humans have continuously broken the boundaries in what was thought possible in physical performance. The past three years have proved to be exceptionally groundbreaking for the new phenomenon known as F.K.T.s (Fastest Known Times) in speed hiking, mountaineering, and trail running. FKTs are the fastest recorded times from point-to-point on…

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Mental Training for Athletes

Training and nutrition are crucial parts of athletic excellence – but what about the mind? Motivation, confidence, mental toughness: all of these are key in sport, and yet for many athletes are not trained as much as the body. Jonathan Pietrunti of Complete Human Performance is a former Navy Chief Aviation Ordnanceman and has a…

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How to Train for Military Selection

Annie “Gunshow” Dohack of Complete Human Performance has successfully trained over 140 individuals for military selection in several branches of the armed forces. Here, she shares her expertise on how to program for members of this special population, addressing their hybrid strength and endurance needs intelligently so they can pass tests and excel in the…

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The Basics of Altitude and How to Acclimatize

  By: Tamara Kidd       One of the biggest concerns in the alpine world, especially for those new to mountaineering, is altitude sickness. Doctors have yet to discover exactly what causes it, so most of what we know is based on trial and error from those who adventure into high altitude. The best…

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