Ironman Lake Placid 2017 Q&A

In this video blog, I answer a few questions about my taper towards Lake Placid Ironman. Check it out and follow the race live on Ironmanlive.com.

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Refining Your Auto-Regulation: From Big To Small

Written By: Peter Baker In the last piece, I talked about how to train for specific events should you find yourself competing in contests that require multiple events. If you recall, when something wasn’t right for you to do, you’d use your body’s biofeedback to assess your training protocol. However, what happens if all your…

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Don’t Go In The WATTTEEEEERR!     Alright, Alright. That’s a bit over the top but I really have been crapping myself on that front.   You may recall, from the last blog, that I had a shitty experience during the swim section of the Celtman 2016? Well, it’s now a year since that happened…

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Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report

By: Jon Fecik The Lead Up What I’ve discovered about myself in the last year working with Marilyn is that I’m a fast athlete, but not necessarily a strong and durable one. I can move pretty fast (although I always need to get faster), but I break down and slow down pretty easily. Ironman racing…

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The Female Athlete Triad and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports

Written By: Lee Bell As coaches, we want the best from our athletes, and that can often mean pushing them hard. While we want to see them perform at the highest level they can achieve, we also need to appreciate that their health matters too. Whether you are a coach, athlete, or parent of a…

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CHP Coaches Answer YOUR Questions! (Part Two)

You asked? We answered! In part two of three, Sierra, Elise, Ollie, Jon, and Alec respond to your burning questions! SIERRA HUBER   What type of programming is ideal for non-athletes with no specific goal other than longevity and health? “I love using strength maintenance and Maximum Aerobic Heart rate training.  Easy to recover from…

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