Complete Human Performance Coach, Elise Fugowski, heads to sunny Miami, FL this weekend to compete in this years Wodapalooza. Elise joins teammates Kristen Graham, owner of CrossFit Toms River, and Corrin Lemieux who trains out of Taunton, Massachusetts. We sat down with the trio to discuss what their training has looked like, the their hardest WOD’s, what…

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Nickademus Hollon

Nickademus began his athletic endeavors as a high school cross-country runner. By 17, he had begun dabbling in ultra’s by the age of 18, had ran his first 100 miler to raise money for a close friend who was battling Leukemia at the time. Once bit by the “ultra” bug, the sickness bloomed into full…

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Jon Fecik

Jon has been a triathlete for over 10 years and he lives and breathes the sport. When he began his athletic journey, Jon thought that living as an athlete meant getting in big workouts and competing a few times a year. Now that he has participated in over 60 triathlons, trained for over 30 hours in a week, and…

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Sarah Pierce

Sarah Pierce has coached CrossFit for eight years and currently owns two Strength & Condition Gyms for the past seven years. With a double Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry and Physiology from Sonoma State University, Sarah has coached high school volleyball for three years, gymnastics for five years and has programmed both nutrition as well as strength…

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Jordan Adcock

Jordan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and has been working in ICU since graduating in 2015. She has a passion for learning and challenging herself not only physically but intellectually as well. She has her Crossfit Level 1 Certification and has continued to attend seminars for training and nutrition. She has a passion for…

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Jonathan Pietrunti

Jonathan Pietrunti joins CHP with an all-encompassing background of both military experience and performance psychology. Having a fairly eclectic background with regards to leadership and coaching, Jonathan was previously a Navy Chief Aviation Ordanceman and functioned as a Command Fitness Leader, Career Counselor, Weapons Instructor/Inspector, MTS, and curriculum developer. In addition to the development and…

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Trevor Jaffe

Owner of Jaffe Strength located in Florida, Trevor Jaffe has been a competitive strength athlete for over 10 years. He has attained first place finishes in both Strongman and Weightlifting, though now has shifted his primary focus towards powerlifting. Trevor’s best competition lifts includes a 617lb squat in sleeves, 661lb squat in wraps, and a…

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Armi Legge

Armi Legge is a writer and fitness consultant who competed on the Youth and Junior USA Triathlon circuits for nearly a decade. In addition to many triathlons, cycling, kayaking and running races, he also trains as a powerlifter. Based out of San Francisco, Armi now works as a nutrition consultant for multi-sport athletes through CHP…

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Sierra Huber

Sierra Huber has been coaching in the educational field for over 10 years. She is a certified USAT Level 1 and ASCA Level 1 coach, and continues to train extensively as both a coach and an athlete. Sierra has worked with Age Group to Elite triathletes, in addition to  beginner athletes and military personnel looking…

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Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong is a former (and hopefully future) all time world record holder who has been competing in powerlifting since he was 17. He has condensed a tremendous amount of learning and experience into those years, having dealt with setbacks, including disc herniations, but came back stronger and smarter from the experience every time. He…

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