Sunday- optional longer capacity- Run for 30:00 with HR 140-150

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Saturday- SCALED -Deadlift x 5 x 3 sets (use same weight for all sets)- weight should be a little less this week since there is an additional rep -For time: 800m run, 40 alternating front rack walking lunge (75/55), 20 ring rows, 40 push press (75/55), 20 ring rows -3 rounds for quality reps of-…

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Friday – SCALED -Snatch – work up to 80-85% of heavy single- Rest 1:00 between -Clean and jerk – work up to 80% of heavy single. Rest 1:30 between -4 Rounds for time: 24 air squats, 12 knee to chest, 6 Power cleans (95/65) RX -Snatch – work up to 80-85% of heavy single. Rest…

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Wednesday – SCALED -Power snatch x 5 x 4 (the reps need to be unbroken. focus on keeping good form while trying to cycle the reps fast)-work up in weight each set. Rest 1:30 between sets *increase in rep here. shoot to hit the same weight or with in 2-5 lbs -Power clean x 4…

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Tuesday – SCALED -Clean +hang full clean + Power jerk + Split jerk x 1 x 6 – work to a heavy single for the day. Rest as needed between sets -Back squat x 3 x 5 sets at 85% of 1RM -AMRAP 12:00 of 21-15-9 of push jerks (75/55) and KB swings (16/12 kg)…

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