So, you want to become a powerlifter. Not just any powerlifter, but an elite, best-of-the-best kind of powerlifter. Well, my friend, you better have grit or it isn’t going to happen. You can have the best genetics, nutrition, program, and drugs, but if you don’t have grit, you won’t make it. What is grit? Grit…

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Refining Your Auto-Regulation: From Big To Small

Written By: Peter Baker In the last piece, I talked about how to train for specific events should you find yourself competing in contests that require multiple events. If you recall, when something wasn’t right for you to do, you’d use your body’s biofeedback to assess your training protocol. However, what happens if all your…

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Strength Training For Ironman Athletes

Written By: Andrew Read If you ever want to start an argument with an endurance athlete, simply mention strength training. Just as many in the strength world are heavily opposed to endurance work, there are just as many angry haters in the endurance world when it comes to strength training. But then even the fans…

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Strong Has Always Been Sexy

Skinny is Sexy Strong is the New Skinny Strong Has Always Been Sexy Written By: Lisa Bowden In recent years, I have seen mainstream media and advertising portraying muscular women. Active, healthy, competitive, kick-ass women. In commercials, print, and marketing, women with real muscle can be seen displaying all their hard work and it’s a beautiful…

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Complete Human Performance Coach, Jenn Rotsinger, heads to San Diego, CA this weekend to compete in this years CETC US Open. Jenn trains out of Gorilla Bench Training Center in Clearwater, FL, which she co-owns. She is coached by Trevor Jaffe, who also a Complete Human Performance coach. We sat down with her to discuss what she’s…

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How To Auto Regulate Your Training

By: Peter Baker One of the best responses to a question about training is “listen to your body.” After all, your body knows things on a level you can’t comprehend. At the same time, there are the obvious cues that we pick up on all the time. We know when it’s time to go to sleep.…

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