Refining Your Auto-Regulation: From Big To Small

Written By: Peter Baker In the last piece, I talked about how to train for specific events should you find yourself competing in contests that require multiple events. If you recall, when something wasn’t right for you to do, you’d use your body’s biofeedback to assess your training protocol. However, what happens if all your…

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Six Week Brick Workout Progression

Written By: Jon Fecik Brick workouts are a tool in your workout arsenal to help you become a better duathlete or triathlete. At a basic level, a brick is a workout where you ride your bike and follow it up with a run. It gets its name from duathlete Matt Brick who coined the term,…

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What I Learned From My Own Gait Analysis

Written By: Paul Robichaux Like most runners, I’ve gradually accumulated a catalog of minor aches and pains as I run. Distance, pace, and terrain all influence how you feel during and after a run, and so do accumulated injuries– once you sustain an injury, you’re generally going to be more susceptible to re-injuring the same part.…

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How To Auto Regulate Your Training

By: Peter Baker One of the best responses to a question about training is “listen to your body.” After all, your body knows things on a level you can’t comprehend. At the same time, there are the obvious cues that we pick up on all the time. We know when it’s time to go to sleep.…

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CHP Coaches Answer YOUR Questions! (Part One)

You asked? We answered! In part one of three, Alex Viada, Kelly Bruno, Mike Fecik, and Taylor Weglicki respond to your burning questions! ALEX VIADA What would programming for the gen-pop that wants to be strong, muscular and fit look like? “It could be literally anything. The wonderful thing about learning multiple training modalities is how many…

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Swimming Efficiency: Successful Swimming in Less Time

Written By: Sierra Huber When it comes to your athletic endeavors, the first thing you or your coach reflect on is how much time you have to put into your training week. In the initial athlete training questionnaire that I hand out, I will see athletes advise that they have anywhere from twelve to even sixteen…

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