Confidence and Downhill Running

I rolled up to the massive thirty five foot gap; there was no way on earth I was going to hurl myself across that. I was paralyzed by fear, though I’d watched my friends do it again and again. “Nick, come on you can totally rock this!” They coaxed. I trembled, even as I gripped…

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Why less isn’t always more

Understanding the Value of High-Mileage Training. Want to learn more about our programming and see it for yourself?  Sign up for our individualized coaching here. OR, find our templates HERE! For background, I began my career in running as a short to mid-distance runner. Then, as injuries mounted from repetitive stress on my body, I shifted to…

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Random musings on quads, squatting, and running

This is the first in an installment of random answers to questions that any member of our team has addressed.  They may be useful, totally useless, funny, dull, timely, or so specific as to be completely worthless to anybody other than the asker, but hopefully at least they’ll lend some insight into our thought process.…

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Running By Feel

Running By Feel If you don’t have a GPS watch, you may have wondered how to train and race effectively without one. But for those of you who already have one, have you ever considered that it might be holding you back? Regardless of what category you fall into, read on to learn about the benefits…

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Ironman Lake Placid 2017 Q&A

Video by: Jon Fecik. In this video blog, I answer a few questions about my taper towards Lake Placid Ironman. Check it out and follow the race live on Ironmanlive.com.

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Alex Fucks Up

I stared at the piece of egg sitting there on a hot rock. Man, I thought, “that tasted much better going down than it did coming up”. I flopped onto my back, a sharp rock digging into my lower back somewhere, but honestly it felt good. Something that reminded me I was still conscious and…

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Refining Your Auto-Regulation: From Big To Small

Written By: Peter Baker In the last piece, I talked about how to train for specific events should you find yourself competing in contests that require multiple events. If you recall, when something wasn’t right for you to do, you’d use your body’s biofeedback to assess your training protocol. However, what happens if all your…

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Strength Training For Ironman Athletes

Written By: Andrew Read If you ever want to start an argument with an endurance athlete, simply mention strength training. Just as many in the strength world are heavily opposed to endurance work, there are just as many angry haters in the endurance world when it comes to strength training. But then even the fans…

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Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report

Written by: Jon Fecik. The Lead Up What I’ve discovered about myself in the last year working with Marilyn is that I’m a fast athlete, but not necessarily a strong and durable one. I can move pretty fast (although I always need to get faster), but I break down and slow down pretty easily. Ironman…

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