Athlete Logs

NYC Marathon Training Log and Race Report

My Slowest Marathon This is my first race report in a really long time. The last time I actually trained for an event was the 2016 Georgia Death Race, a 68 mile run through the North Georgia Mountains. It was the most dedicated I had ever been with my training and the lifetime peak of…

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Alex Fucks Up

Written By: Alex Viada I stared at the piece of egg sitting there on a hot rock. Man, I thought, “that tasted much better going down than it did coming up”. I flopped onto my back, a sharp rock digging into my lower back somewhere, but honestly it felt good. Something that reminded me I…

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Don’t Go In The WATTTEEEEERR!     Alright, Alright. That’s a bit over the top but I really have been crapping myself on that front.   You may recall, from the last blog, that I had a shitty experience during the swim section of the Celtman 2016? Well, it’s now a year since that happened…

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Chattanooga 70.3 Race Report

By: Jon Fecik The Lead Up What I’ve discovered about myself in the last year working with Marilyn is that I’m a fast athlete, but not necessarily a strong and durable one. I can move pretty fast (although I always need to get faster), but I break down and slow down pretty easily. Ironman racing…

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Max Pippa | Babies & Barbells |

Since this is my first blog post, I figured I would introduce myself to help break the ice. My name is Max. I am a First Lieutenant in the US Army, stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. By the way, if you ever get the chance to visit Alaska, don’t hesitate. Being surrounded by mountains, wildlife, and…

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Brutal Spine Attrition

Catchy title, huh?   Really, this is an amalgamation of the names of the horrific events I’ve either been talked into or, even more foolishly, entered into all by my stupid self! Sounds appropriately scary though, so I guess it illustrates something of the fear I have, in the lead up to these things.  …

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Margie Ellison | 8 Weeks Out Training VLOG Update |

Training and Nutrition log for the week of April 17, 2017 –  8 weeks out from the NGA Amateur Southeast Natural Championships, 13 weeks out from the Triple Bypass 120mi. cycling race through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 8 weeks, just a mere 8 weeks until I step on stage and end the high caloric deficit. The…

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