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Designed for both coaches and business owners, our team will discuss how to build or grow your online and/or brick and mortar business. Topics ranging from establishing proper internal systems for growth, marketing and branding, developing and managing a sales pipeline, to creating and governing a unique, positive gym & team environment will be covered by our team.

Our most unique event of the year will be held at Team CrossFit Academy in Monrovia, CA (only 30 minutes from Los Angeles). This will be an all day event held from 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturday, July 8th. A  networking event will be held after the summit at Sena On Myrtle.


The Business Plan

A good business plan is seen as a cornerstone of small business, but many entrepreneurs seem to be stuck on the actual practical value of a good business plan. This seminar will focus on writing a good business plan that can actually function as a living document to guide major decisions, set realistic milestones, entice third party investors, and set the foundation for your company.

Differentiation & Quality

In any saturated market, setting your company apart from the competition is critical. Differentiation is not primarily defined by any single factor, differentiation can be culture, tools and processes your company uses, customer service, or any other intangible that goes far beyond targeting a different audience. This seminar will focus on establishing differentiators that still allow the market and your audience to guide your positioning.

Scalability & Planning For Success

Developing a perfect marketing and growth plan without systems and processes needed to manage success can cause any business to fail. Finding growth opportunities that result in new business is challenge enough. The successful business has the infrastructure in place to take advantage of every new customer.

Professional Self Awareness

Deciding who your fitness facility caters to, what it stands for, and who your clients are will allow you the solid foundation to proceed with business operations with confidence. All too often, we find ourselves bartering away from our business plans out of sheer peer pressure. Stand for something. Set the tone for your facility and your atmosphere and create the work environment you are proud of.

Staff Selection & Community Development

Who you surround yourself with will, without any doubt, influence the success of your business. What questions do you ask when hiring anyone from the cleaning service to trainers? How do you breed a positive environment to work in, and how can that transcend into your gyms community. In this section we will also troubleshoot the "hard talks" you may have to have in your facility as well.

Creating Actionable Marketing Plans

We are all willing to put in the time and effort, but we are often misguided. How do we assess our market regionally, globally, and remotely in order to determine marketing/branding efforts?


Strategy & Positioning

Defining the how, what, where, when and to who you plan on delivering your message, product, and/or services to. Your brand is how your customer perceives you, not how you perceive yourself. Developing a brand strategy is essential for defining your brand DNA, connecting with your customers emotionally, building loyalty, increasing buying power, and adding value to your business.

Defining Your Brand

Establishing your promise, personality, and identity in order to build an experience which matches that is crucial in the branding process. You can't be all things to all people; so you need to clearly define who you are. You are not solely defining the product or service you're selling. You are conveying quality, credibility, and an experience that resonates with your market. You will learn how to craft a statement and atmosphere as well as integrate design features that conveys who you are and what you stand for. This is what will set you apart from your competition.

Integrating Your Marketing Plan

Marketing goes beyond advertising or promotional campaigns. It is the action of promoting your goods and/or services. We will cover how to define your target customer and understanding their needs, identifying your competitors, acknowledging your advantages and disadvantages, and finding effective channels through which you promote your product/service, developing consistent communication to current and potential new customers, and delivering on your promise. Developing and the application of a comprehensive marketing strategy is vital towards maximizing your businesses potential profits and establishing longevity.

Sales 101

The conversation you hold can make or break your ability to make a sale. We will discuss the five necessary steps to a conversation including knowing your audience, empathy, communication, the discovering call/conversation, and objection handling. Capitalizing on these steps will lead to a higher success rate.

Basic Strategies That Will Set You Apart

In an over-saturated market, you want to ensure that every aspect of your business sets you apart from the competition. This includes how your sales team operates, communicates, and delivers. What does your business look like to someone new? Are you following up effectively and organized? We will also discuss balance, enablement and not proceeding like a vulture. By implementing these tools, you will surely differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Dispelling The Myth

"If your product is good, you don't need to sell it". This is simply not true and assuming this will prohibit your company from maximizing sales. Regardless how good a product is or even if it is the best, it doesn't sell itself. You need a comprehensive sales pipeline in place to drive sales. We will also discuss why people irrationally resist change and how this can hinder your businesses growth.

Meet The Team

Our panel of presenters range from having extensive experience in gym management, sales and marketing, recruiting, branding, and general business development backgrounds in fields ranging from software to apparel to pharma. 

Alex come from a background in business development and consulting, having worked with companies ranging from small start-ups to well established multinational corporations.  His areas include new business acquisition, process optimization and efficiency management, project management, and external sales/client management.      

Annie's professional career started in the collegiate sector before moving into the clinical and finally the private sector. She has managed many facilities in each area, with focus on brick and mortar business growth by way of both internal and external efforts in the constantly evolving fitness industry.

Nicole comes from a background in branding, marketing, and product and business development. She began her career in the garment industry, but has since worked with online service based businesses. She has experience working with companies of all levels, ranging from small start ups to Fortune 500 corporations.


Whitney Post

Whitney comes from a background in Sales, Recruiting, and Client Management. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, her professional roles have included both direct customer and business to business sales, lead generation, customer service, key account management, and sales process development.

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