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Breaking My Spine (Part 2)

(Hey…if you missed the preamble and context here and are thinking, ‘what the hell is going on here?’ then, have a look at Part 1)   ‘So, Mr Pain. It appears that the break is healing although not fully back to rights. I hope you’ve been adhering to my recommendations for complete rest?’ ‘Well, yes…for…

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Breaking My Spine (Part 1)

  Lovely picture isn’t it? Well, this is as close as I got to this particular scene because, it all went tits up again! But we’ll get to that…. It’s also worth saying that no actual spines were broken in the writing of this blog. I mean, breaking a spine can be pretty uncomfortable as…

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Written by: Jonathan Pain. Don’t Go In The WATTTEEEEERR!     Alright, Alright. That’s a bit over the top but I really have been crapping myself on that front. You may recall, from the last blog, that I had a shitty experience during the swim section of the Celtman 2016? Well, it’s now a year…

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Brutal Spine Attrition

Catchy title, huh?   Really, this is an amalgamation of the names of the horrific events I’ve either been talked into or, even more foolishly, entered into all by my stupid self! Sounds appropriately scary though, so I guess it illustrates something of the fear I have, in the lead up to these things.  …

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