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5 Overlooked Exercises for your OCR Training

For as long as burpees have been a popular penalty for obstacle failure, they have been a tried and true staple of OCR training, but there are other great exercises out there that are worth incorporating into every OCR athlete’s training program. Whether you’re training for your first Spartan Sprint or training for World’s Toughest…

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Running By Feel

Running By Feel If you don’t have a GPS watch, you may have wondered how to train and race effectively without one. But for those of you who already have one, have you ever considered that it might be holding you back? Regardless of what category you fall into, read on to learn about the benefits…

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NYC Marathon Training Log and Race Report

Written by: Alec Blenis. My Slowest Marathon This is my first race report in a really long time. The last time I actually trained for an event was the 2016 Georgia Death Race, a 68 mile run through the North Georgia Mountains. It was the most dedicated I had ever been with my training and…

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