Trevor Jaffe | Off-Season Training Week 2 | 3.20 – 3.25

Week two still has me slowly introducing heavier loads. Everything continues to be done beltless. One trend that continues and will stay in for the next few weeks is following up low rep main lift work with lighter hypertrophy work. I’m aiming to maintain neurological efficiency with my main lifts and my calories are in a surplus for the hypertrophy work. I proceed and follow each session with correctives and mobility work.

Squat & Accessories – 3/20/17 

Warm up
Bird dog
Hip airplane
Bulgarian split squat
Rotating planks

TRX leg curls – 2×20
The hatred I feel for these is real.

Front Squat
Worked up to a smooth 405 single.
Switched to straight bar this week to work in front rack mobility.

SSB Squat
425×2, 445×2. Then back down to 245lbs for ultra wide pause squats 2×10

RDL – Sets of 10 at 195lbs

Wheel rollouts 2×15

Bench & Accessories – 3/21/17 

Warm up
Kneeling protraction/retraction
Plate halos
Wall slides
Thoracic rotations

Paused bench 5x3x295lbs
The shoulder mobility work is beginning to pay off. A reduction in shoulder pain by roughly 20%

3 board press plus band 2×10
Used 295lbs + light band

A- Parallel grip Pull ups 3×8-10
B- DB front raise 3×15

DB Rows 4×10

Deadlift & Accessories – 3/23/17 

Warm up
Bird dog
Hip airplane
Hip thrust
Cossack squat

Cleans – just some technique work. Top set was 265lbs

Sumo deadlift – 545×9 reps. 10 was the planned set but I’m not great at counting.

Snatch grip deadlift – 3x3x415lbs
Slow tempo especially on eccentric portion

Bent rows – 2x6x365lbs

Side planks 2×30 seconds

Bench& Accessories – 3/24/17 

Warm up
Wall slides
Plate halos
Shoulder raises and external rotations

Speed bench – 10x2x265+ light band
Ended up being 7×2, then 1×10

Close grip bench – 2×20

Push up – 1×50

Chin ups – 3×10

Bent rows – 2×20

A- stir the pot 3×10 each side
B- mace swings 3×10 each side


Weightlifting & Odd Lifts – 3/25/17 

Snatch with a pause – Top set at 185lbs.

Snatch – one single at 200lbs

Cleans – top set at 275lbs

Bottoms up muscle snatch – 145lbs
I haven’t hit these in a while. They don’t offer much carry over to the actual lifts but teach you to brace and hold position well.

GHR – 2×10

Wheel rollouts – 3×15


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