Trevor Jaffe | Post Battle of the Bay 3 Training | Week 3.13 – 3.18

Here is a glimpse into my training week post Battle on the Bay 3. I’m currently far out from any meets and just focusing on base building and some corrective exercises. This was my first week back under the bar. My goals at the moment are to build my quad strength back up, balance out my hip external and internal rotation, as well as improve shoulder mobility. I’ve brought weightlifting movements or variations of them back into my weekly programming.

Squat & Accessories – 3/13/17 
Warm up
Bird dog
Hip airplane
Bulgarian split squat
Rotating planks

TRX leg curls 4×10
I am not surprised that I am very bad at these. Knee flexion isn’t something I have trained much over the years. But I was surprised how much I struggled with maintaining hip extension.

SSB Front Squat
Top set 385×3, lots of volume going 25/45 plate all the way up.


SSB squat 
Top set 425×3, same as front squat. 25/45 from bar up.

Paused RDL 
Used a trap bar. 3 second pauses 1x12x135 and 1x10x185lbs. This was a mistake, I struggled to use my hamstrings with this bar. I will replace it next week.

Wheel rollouts – 2×15

Bench & Accessories – 3/14/17
Warm up
Kneeling protraction/retraction
Plate halos
Wall slides
Thoracic rotations

Paused bench 4x4x70% 
used 275lbs, all sets moved well although my shoulders are still a bit rough.

Floor press 2x6x62.5%
Used 245lbs, moved well

A- Ring Pull ups 4×5
B- double Kettlebell front raise 4×10

DB rows- 4×10

Deadlift & Accessories – 3/16/17
Warm up 
Bird dog
Hip airplane
Single leg hip thrust
Cossack squat

All the sets!!! Literally 20 sets to get the mobility back enough to catch the bar in front rack.

Sumo deadlift 3x3x495lbs
Light and beltless. Just grooving the lift back after two weeks.

Snatch grip deadlift 3x3x315lbs 
Slow tempo especially on eccentric portion

Reverse hyper rows- 3×20

Side planks- 2×30 seconds

Bench & Accessories – 3/17/17 
Warm up
Wall slides
Plate halos
Shoulder raises and external rotations

Speed bench-  8x3x245+ light band

Reverse grip bench 2×20
These surprisingly felt uncomfortable. Usually reverse grip is my go to movements when I have shoulder discomfort.

Push up – 1×50 (easy)
Chin ups 3×8
Easier when I’m ten pounds lighter

Bent rows – 3×20

A- ball rollout 3×15
B- band tricep extension 3×20

Weightlifting & Odd Lifts – 3/18/17

Snatch technique work(in sequence) 
Snatch pull
Snatch high pull
Power snatch
Repeated this adding 20lbs every two sets.

Snatch 5×1
Worked up to 165lbs. Nothing earth shattering but still working the mobility aspect to get under.

Cleans – working in range of 95-285lbs for multiple sets.

Kettlebell clean and power jerks 4×5 each side. Finished with 70lbs bells. These seemed to easy and I’ll likely replace them with another movement.

GHR- 2×10

Some monkey business on pull up bars.
Poor attempts at handstand walks.
There you have it. My training week wrapped up and I’ll be making a few adjustments to squat volume next week, as well as switching out a few movements.