Jonny’s “Cut” – 5 Weeks In

If you missed the first edition of this series and would like to catch up, check out Jonny’s “Cut” – The Intro.

You will often hear people claim that training for aesthetics isn’t a “sport”. I beg to differ. Just about every sport requires a level of dedication and consistency, but when it comes to the sheer relentlessness of said consistency, nothing is more brutal than the pursuit of extreme leanness concurrent with preservation of muscle mass. NOTHING. If you haven’t dieted down to extreme levels of leanness, you just won’t get it. I believe this is one of the reasons that weight-class athletes across multiple domains tend to give the “silent nod” to physique athletes – they simply understand what it is like to need to cut extreme weight, yet still be able to perform.

The diet just never lets up. You could miss a basketball practice and probably be fine. You could shift all of your workouts a day to the right and perhaps get away with it.

The diet? … NOPE.

With very few exceptions, the diet is a 24/7 endeavor if you are looking to come in on time, with the best conditioning and fullness. Very few mistakes will be tolerated. Fortunately, I still have plenty of fat on me that I don’t have any cravings, nor am I that hungry throughout the day. A few weeks from now, this will change…and it’s a good thing I have training in performance psychology and mental skills, because the mind can be your worst enemy.

Without further ado, let look at the pictures and some stats:

Progress Pictures: 3/11/17 – 3/18/17 5’9 213.8lbs – 210.8lbs. Waist 37.25″ – 36″

NOTE: I REPEAT…Please be aware the diet parameters differ from individual to individual. I will outline many aspects of what I am doing, but it is always advisable to seek out a coach for this kind of stuff. Do not simply try to copy what I am doing.

Once again, in no particular order, here are some thoughts thus far.

  • Solid drop and the waist dropped a lot, too. If you look at the pictures, there is a slight difference, but I am still too smooth to see any detail. This is why having multiple metrics to gauge progress is so critical. Also worth nothing is that I can be very dysmorphic, and can never objectively critique myself. It is never a bad idea to have a few sets of eyes on you for objectivity.
  • Weight and girth is coming off, so the diet isn’t changing, nor is cardio. We don’t fix things that aren’t broken, so we are moving forward. On a side note, all of my lifts are slowly going back up…healthy hips and shoulders, finally!
  • Speaking of broken…that posing…
  • Here’s a tip: have some sort of option stashed in convenient locations so that you can stay on plan. I try never to leave the house without at least two meals, but things happen, so having packets of protein or even a few bars handy can make a very big difference
  • A lot of people ask me about cheat meals. I think the use of these varies from individual to individual. In general, I don’t give myself scheduled “cheats”, per se, but rather find a way to fit them into my total caloric allotment if the need arises. For example, I did have a bit oh Halo Top ice cream this week after a workout because I had room for it. Now, please understand that when it comes to “IIFYM”, I tend to follow the rule that most food intake is “clean”, by which I mean it is minimally processed and not simply junk food. Although calories are King for fat loss, eating a bunch of junk in lieu of wholesome food WILL make you feel like garbage. This is especially true later on in a cut, when calories are hard to come by.
  • I’ve also been asked about fat burners. I am not using anything of that sort, right now, as I would rather wait to use ergogenic aids when I need them. For now, I am sticking with my cup of coffee and pre-workout on the days where I train in the mornings (most times I train after 6pm, making pre-workout a bad idea).

Remember: This will be a series that will follow me through June. If you have any questions, fire them at me on social media and I will do my best to answer you.