Last weekend, I competed in my first platinum plus strongman show – a task that is daunting enough in and of itself – but I decide to compete in that show only 6 days after another competition. That’s right, I did 2 contests, and 2 weight cuts, in 2 weeks. The show itself was hard and heavy and the competitors were amazing. I ended up taking 5th (one point outside of 4th!) in the hardest show of my short strongman career. CHP gave me a distance edge – my work capacity was sky high and I complete events that left many competitors on the floor without the “I think I’m dying and my lungs are exploding” feeling. This increased work capacity also gave me the ability to compete in back to back contests and get back to training a few days later without feeling like I was repeatedly run over my truck. Annie prepared me for the work, not only physically, but mentally as well. Being able to fight and stay focused when things got tough is a result of training hard and having her support and guidance. Joy’s nutritional guidance got me to my weigh in weight, not once, but twice. I have never had such easy cuts or felt as good as I did thanks to her expert help. The entire CHP community’s support and their continually impressive feats also served as a major source of inspiration and motivation. CHP raises the bar in every way!