BOB 3 & US Open Meet Prep Training

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Five weeks out from Battle of the Bay 3, 11 weeks out from the US Open.

Deadlifts (1/29/17)

Worked up to 380 for doubles and even did the last set without a belt because I was feeling good. This is very peculiar to feel this good going into a peak, but instead of worrying about it, I am just going to enjoy. I am sure it will get worse.

Regular sumos were followed by 1” deficits with 335 for doubles. I am getting good glute engagement and staying tight, so these should help with power off the floor.

Safety squats (2x5x265) were in the mix to activate some quad and core.

Weighted planks and a 2 mile jog. Gotta get that core strong and keep my blood pressure happy.


Competition Bench Day (1/30/17)

Paused bench today with 175 for triples. Felt better than last week.

Slingshot bench at 205 for triples for overload. These are finally getting challenging.

Isometric bench was next and these are interesting. Push against the bar in a fixed position at sticking point for 5 seconds and then immediately followed by a double at 150. Reminded me of when I was a kid and pushed my arms in a door jam to step out and watch them raise up. If regular bench only felt that magical.

Rows and shoulder accessories were uneventful.

15 minutes of cardio on the bike.


Squats (2/1/17)

Squatting in wraps is not my favorite activity, but after four weeks of wrapping, I’m finally starting not to hate them. I am still not handling heavy weight, but at least my groove and confidence is improving, 335 for doubles.

Front squats and pause squats because quads are an area of opportunity. Fronts for triples at 200 and pauses for fives at 210.

RDLs and obliques to round out the day.


Second bench day (2/3/17)


3 second pause with 170. The pause feels amazing. Able to stay tight and power off the chest.

Close grip and close-close grip for some volume since my wide grip/arched back style of benching isn’t the best form for developing tricep strength.

Dips for tris, chest supported rows for lats, and ab wheel for core to round out the accessories.

4 weeks out from Battle of the Bay and 10 weeks out from the US Open.


Deadlifts (2/5/17)


Worked up to three heavy singles (380, 400, 400).

1” deficit sumos for doubles with 360.

Safety squats for fours with 270. These are not fun, but they are making me stronger. I guess there is a delayed satisfaction with these.


Rows, reverse hypers, planks and a two mile jog to round out today’s training.


Bench (2/6/17)

Competition pause bench at opener weight (180) for a triple, double, single. OK, I lied. I slid on the 1.25lb plates and it was actually 182.5.

Slingshot bench for overload with 210 for doubles felt better than last week’s 205, so that’s a good sign.

Isometric bench didn’t feel as magical as last week. 155 for doubles following the hold.

Seal rows with 130. Went as wide as I could to alleviate the forearm/brachialis pain I’ve been having. Imagine that, moving to a position without pain allows for a higher load. Who would have thought.

15 minute easy bike for cardio.



Squats (2/8/17)

Worked up to 315 in sleeves for a single before wrapping up. Loaded the bar to 340 for a double and then 350 for a single. The second rep of 340 was good, but everything else was just at parallel or slightly below. Knees are getting used to the pressure of the wraps and can probably crank it up a notch moving forward.

Front squats with 215 for triples for my poor baby quads.

Pause squats with 235 for fives. These sure are easier when it’s lighter weight. I’ve worked up to 90% 1RM for pauses, but I would much rather do reps at 65% vs 90% any day.
Conventional RDLs with 245/255 to round out the session.