Trevor Jaffe

Owner of Jaffe Strength located in Florida, Trevor Jaffe has been a competitive strength athlete for over 10 years. He has attained first place finishes in both Strongman and Weightlifting, though now has shifted his primary focus towards powerlifting. Trevor’s best competition lifts includes a 617lb squat in sleeves, 661lb squat in wraps, and a 727lb deadlift in the 198lb weight class.

Among many notable accolades, Trevor has achieved Elite totals in both the 181lb and 198lb weight classes and is the Raw Unity 9 198lb weight class champion. He currently coaches several USPA American record holders and two USPA world record holders.

Recently, Trevor has earned the nickname of “the deadlift whisperer” for his ability to improve this specific lift. Though he is also known for his uncanny ability to overall improve a lifters mechanics and technique leading to larger totals in a short time frame.