CHP KoS Charity Event A Success!

We cannot express how proud we are of all of the CHP athletes who partook in the CHP Knights of Sufferlandria event for charity this weekend. Over ten hours on a stationary bike, finding that dark place where your body is screaming to quit and then suffering through a few more hours anyways.

We would like to congratulate and thank every athlete, supporter and donator out there. We will be donating over $2500 to Puppies Behind Bars and Oxfam all because of you. Thank you for making our first charity event a complete success! We couldn’t have done it without all of you.


  • Alex Viada
  • Kelly Bruno
  • Paul Robichaux
  • Todd Bettler
  • Brennon Hayes
  • Jessica Wood
  • Paul Field
  • John Scanaliato
  • Mike Fecik
  • Jonathan Pain
  • Torrey Penn
  • Rafe Brox


  • Jeff Martin
  • Kevin Mantovani
  • Derek Simonds