Ollie “OJay” Matthews

Ollie has been heavily involved in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years now coming on a life changing journey along the way. Starting off being morbidly obese and not even being able to run to the end of the drive the love of fitness developed and pushing the body to drop nearly 6 stone and stepping on a bodybuilding stage at 23 years old and to date, entering 6 competitions at a high standard. Since that time Ollie has done various qualifications and developed a very in depth level of knowledge and been able to help hundreds of clients around the world not just improve the way they look but also change their lives too.

From working with people that are complete amateur gym goers all the way to top level professional athletes in both the physique and endurance world, a name has been developed and with a strong following on social media has allowed Ollie to spread the word through his Performance nutrition and coaching business BodyCatchers.com Recently Ollie has worked with professional triathletes even having 3 clients win an Ironman distance event on the same day in 2014 (Ironman Wales and the male & female winners at Challenge Weymouth). Having developed a name for himself in the fitness and endurance world Ollie is now pushing his body to the limits not just wanting to look good but focusing on performance too, really pushing the endurance levels participating in the London and Edinburgh marathons this year whilst maintaining and even increasing the strength in the gym at the same time.