Alec Blenis

Alec Blenis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

He found early success in his athletic career in the world of obstacle racing. With a background in both weightlifting and cross-country in high school, it was only natural for him to podium in his first obstacle course race. After dozens of top finishes around the country, he was named to the Spartan Race Pro Team in 2013 and has been ranked as one of the top ten obstacle racers nationwide. While competing on the OCR circuit, he began running increasingly longer trail races too, ranging from marathons to 70 mile ultras. Since his first in 2011, Alec has competed in over twenty ultra marathons, with a preference for only the most rugged and technical courses.

Having simultaneously trained for both short course obstacle races and grueling mountain ultras, Alec specializes in training runners with demanding racing schedules and diverse sets of goals. Whether it’s preparing for your first obstacle course race, ultra marathon, or both, he combines hybrid training methodology with real world experience to help you succeed across a wide spectrum of endurance events.