The Top 6 Dieting Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

10 Years ago, Sohee wasn’t happy.

She was struggling with an eating disorder, obsessing over the scale, running 15 miles a day, and barely eating.

Like many people, she struggled to find a diet and exercise program that worked for her. Eventually, she discovered weightlifting, and her life changed.

Over time, she was able to develop a healthy relationship with food, and stay lean and healthy without compromising her quality of life.

Now, she works as a personal trainer and fitness writer, helping people overcome the same problems that she did. Unlike many trainers, Sohee doesn’t focus entirely on what to do, she also helps people learn *how* to make these changes stick.

In this episode, Sohee explains the 6 main behavior mistakes people make when trying to lose weight. She also gives you clear solutions for every problem, so you can start making changes immediately.

“The goal with habits is not to perfectly execute a behavior pattern every day, it’s to make that effort every day. If you can be 85% “on” 100% of the time, that’s good enough.”

– Sohee Lee

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