Should You Train Less While Dieting? (And 9 More of Your Questions About Bodybuilding, Answered)

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If you want to lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.

If you want to maintain your muscle mass, you need to keep lifting weights while you’re dieting.

But if you’re eating fewer calories, won’t it be harder to recover from lifting weights?

In this episode, you’ll learn the answer to that question and nine more. Denver Steyn, a physique coach and natural bodybuilder, will answer…

1. Should you drop your training volume while cutting?
2. Is there anything wrong with training like a powerlifter if you want to get big and strong?
3. How do you use autoregulation with bodybuilding workouts?
4. How do you break out of a weightlifting plateau while cutting?
5. Can counting calories and macros cause more harm than good?
6. How do you balance being rigid enough to make progress, with being flexible enough to have a life while dieting?
7. Do you have to keep counting calories and macros year round to do your best as a bodybuilder?
8. Is it a good idea to use “cheat meals” to get lean on a diet, or is there a better way of satisfying your cravings?
9. What are the most essential habits to learn if you’re just getting into bodybuilding?
10. What’s the best way to track your progress as a bodybuilder?

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