How to Squat Like a World Class Powerlifter

If you’re trying to build muscle and strength, the question isn’t “should you squat?” The question is “why *shouldn’t* you squat?”

The squat is one of the simplest and best exercises for building muscle and overall strength, and if learned properly, it’s safe.

If you learn it properly.

There are a lot of well-intentioned people squatting with terrible form, and their knees, backs, and hips often pay the cost in the form of injuries.

Even if you’re squatting with perfect form, you might not be making the most of your workouts if you don’t pay attention to the finer details. Simple things like cuing, mobility, and tracking your workouts can have a huge impact on your performance, or lack thereof.

I’m not a world record powerlifter, so I’m not the first person you should turn to if you want a big squat with perfect technique. Luckily, I know a guy who fits both of those criteria — Jordan Syatt.

Jordan is world record powerlifter, personal trainer, gym owner, and a very laid back guy who’s great at breaking advice into simple steps. Oh, and he’s only 23.

In this episode, Jordan shows you how to teach yourself the squat safely and effectively. Here are some of the questions Jordan answers:

– What’s the very first step when teaching yourself to squat?
– What aspects of technique should you pay most attention to, especially at the beginning?
– Should you push your knees out to the sides?
– Should you use a high or low bar position?
– How far apart should your feet be?
– Should you use box squats, and if so, how?
– Do you need to squat all the way to the floor?
– How important is flexibility in squatting?
– What are the best cues for keeping good form when you’re under a heavy weight?
– What are the biggest mistakes even advanced athletes still make?

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