How to Use Rest-Pause Training to Build Muscle

In most strength training programs, you’re told to perform all of the reps in each set without resting.

That works, but it’s not always best.

New research indicates that you can build more muscle by taking short breaks during your sets. This method is called “Rest-Pause” training, and in this podcast, you’re going to learn all about it.

Today’s guest is Børge Fagerli, a bodybuilding and strength coach who’s been writing about this stuff since before I was born. Børge is one of the first people to start putting evidence-based information on the internet about this topic, and he’s helped thousands of people get bigger and leaner.

Børge is well known for designing a program called Myo-Reps, a refined kind of rest-pause training.

It’s a very effective way to break through training and body composition plateaus. We’ll also discuss cardio, how to setup a training program, nutrient timing, and a lot of other variables you need to keep in mind when training to build muscle or lose fat.

We also cover some of the most common mistakes personal trainers and self-coached athletes make that keep them from reaching their goals.

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