What Every Personal Trainer Should Know about Working with Beginner Clients

Just give them some macronutrient targets and a workout plan, and they’re good-to-go, right?

That might work with someone who’s obsessed with fitness, but it doesn’t work for beginners.

As a trainer it’s often simpler training more advanced athletes. Not necessarily easier, but simpler.

Beginners have very different challenges and mental barriers to getting in shape than people who are already fit. As a trainer, these people present some of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a coach.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how to get beginner clients great results.

You’ll learn…

– How to gain the trust of people who’ve never been interested in fitness before.

– How to educate new clients without being judgmental.

– The right way to help extremely overweight people lose weight with a diet plan they can actually stick to.

– How to build rock-solid communities of people who coach themselves.

… and more.

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