How to be a Beautiful Badass: The Woman’s Guide to Strength Training

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If you spend enough time in the fitness world you’ll see that women are generally encouraged to lift weights less than men, or even discouraged from doing so.

A lot of the advice that’s given to women is also pretty silly, and doesn’t always help them accomplish their goals.

But that’s changing.

Women are lifting weights more and they’re often getting much stronger than men. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Nia Shanks, a writer and trainer who encourages people to lift like a girl. She’s going to help you get strong and lean in a healthy and sustainable way.

You’ll learn…

  • The most common mistakes women make when strength training, and how to fix them.
  • How to select exercises for different body parts.
  • How to change your program to help you keep improving.
  • How to modify your workouts for different goals.
  • How to plan recovery into your schedule.
  • How to train while your traveling.
  • How to train through injuries.

Keep in mind that all of this info applies to men, too.

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