Your Scientific Guide to Strength Training for Fat Loss


Strength training for muscle gain is not the same as strength training for fat loss.

Many of the same principles apply, but there are some important differences that you should understand to get lean.

In this podcast, Brad Schoenfeld returns on the show to talk about the most scientifically supported ways to use strength training for fat loss. You’ll learn:

  • The key differences between strength training for fat loss versus strength training for muscle gain.
  • How to intelligently use cardio and high-intensity interval training for fat loss.
  • How to train in a way that maintains muscle mass while dieting.
  • The pros and cons of going to failure while “cutting.”
  • How to avoid overtraining while losing fat.
  • How to modify your rest periods between sets for fat loss.
  • Whether or not “occlusion training” can help you lose fat.

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Show Notes

[A Research-Proven Guide to Gaining Muscle](

Layne Norton

John Otis Hollywood

The M.A.X. Muscle Plan by Brad Schoenfeld

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