Leigh Peele on How to Avoid and Reverse “Starve Mode”


Your body can’t tell the difference between “dying” — and “dieting.”

Dieting is a minor degree of starvation. When you restrict calories, your body fights back by making you expend fewer calories, and making you want to eat more calories.

The harder you diet, the more your body tends to fight back. Over time, this can make it harder and harder to lose fat.

In this podcast, Leigh Peele will explain:

  • Why you hit fat loss plateaus.
  • How to maintain a steady rate of fat loss throughout your diet.
  • Why it’s easy to confuse lack of fat loss with other factors, like water retention.
  • How to break through fat loss plateaus.
  • How to balance your energy needs and activity levels in a healthy and sustainable manner.
  • How to maintain a healthy relationship with food during your diet, without developing an eating disorder.
  • How to use refeeds to overcome “starvation mode.”

… and much more.

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Show Notes

“Starve Mode” by Leigh Peele

“How to Avoid ‘Starvation Mode’ While Dieting”


The Fat Loss Troubleshoot by Leigh Peele

BodyByEats by Leigh Peele

“36 Timeless Lessons for Obsessive Health and Fitness Nuts”

Why Calories Count

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