Hunter Allen on How to Use a Power Meter Avoid Overtraining


Cyclists are good at lying to themselves.

No matter how bad they feel, they can ignore pain, suffering, and fatigue. Unless they have an objective number (or person) telling them that they’re doing too much, they can easily dig themselves into a deep state of overtraining.

Luckily, a relatively new technology is keeping cyclists honest. Bicycle mounted power meters have made it possible for cyclists to push themselves to the limits of their ability with a much lower risk of overtraining.

In this podcast, Hunter Allen, one of the leading experts on power meter training, will teach you how to enhance your cycling performance without damaging your health or compromising your long-term success.

You’ll learn…

– The crucial difference between overtraining and *overreaching*.

– How cyclists become overtrained.

– The key factors that increase your risk of overtraining.

– Why a power meter is the ultimate tool to avoid and manage overtraining.

– How to know exactly when you’re recovered from overtraining.

– How to know if it’s okay to keep training when you’re tired.<

– How to use Chronic Training Load, Acute Training Load, and Training Stress Balance to accelerate your fitness.

– How to recover from overtraining and/or overreaching.

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Show Notes

Training Peaks WKO+ Software

Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, PhD

Cutting Edge Cycling by Hunter Allen and Stephen Cheung

Dr. Andrew Coggan’s Power Training Zones

Cycling Power Meter (Wikipedia)

Training Stress Score

Chronic and Acute Training Load and Training Stress Balance

Road Magazine

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