How to Lose Weight Fast: Advice from Two Doctors

An actual picture of Dr. Karl Nadolsky. A doctor who lifts.

*An actual picture of Dr. Karl Nadolsky. A doctor who lifts.*

In general, trying to lose weight fast is a bad idea for several reasons:

  1. You lose more muscle, so it takes longer to get lean.
  2. You you get cravings, deal with ravenous hunger, and think about food all the time.
  3. You don’t develop the habits and behaviors you need to stay lean.

    Often, you slowly gain back the fat you lost, or ruin your progress with several days of binging.

    However, some people can’t wait.

    They feel like they need to lose weight fast, or it’s not worth trying.

    In this podcast, you’ll learn how to lose weight quickly and healthily. Fast weight loss isn’t easy or necessarily optimal, but there are several techniques you should use to make it less painful.

    Two doctors who specialize in weight loss medicine, Spencer and Karl Nadolsky, will show you how to lose weight fast in a healthy, controlled manner.

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