The Right Way to Learn a New Exercise


You want to get stronger, or maybe you want to learn a new sport.

And you want to do it [without getting injured](

You may have heard that you should visualize your body performing the exercise correctly.

Or, you’re told to focus on holding parts of your body in certain positions, like “keep your back flat,” and “push your knees out.”

Those seem like good recommendations at first, but they aren’t necessarily the best ways to get stronger or learn an exercise.

Research [has shown]( that you can learn exercises faster and get stronger using a different method. In this video, personal trainer Randy Gruezo and I talk about the best ways to learn a new movement, or get better at a sport you already know.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a powerlifter, [bodybuilder](, [runner](, swimmer, or trapeze artist, you’ll get something out of this video.

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### Show Notes

[The Alan Aragon Research Review](

[Syatt Fitness](

[No B.S. Fitness Solutions](

[Attentional focus and motor learning: a review of 15 years](

[Mark L. Latash](

[A comparison of ballistic-movement and ballistic-intent training on muscle strength and activation](

[The effects of practice on coordination](

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    Every human have need exercise. but its should be proper exercise. Without rules you cant make exercise its harmful for health. Thanks for your essential tips. its necessary to know every humans.

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