Say Goodbye to Impruvism


It’s been a good run.

About 100,000 different people visit this site every month to simplify their health and fitness.

You, and others like you, have created a community where obsessive people can come together and pursue their goals in a more constructive way.

Sadly, Imprüvism is going away.

But it’s going to be replaced with something even better:

Evidence Magazine.

The goal is the same — to help highly motivated people like you simplify their health, fitness, and productivity.

All of the old links will still work. When you type “” into your browser, for example, you’ll be redirected to “

However, the name isn’t the only thing that’s changing. Here are four reasons you’re going to love this site even more:

1. Evidence Magazine Subscriptions.

In the next few weeks, you’re going to get a paid version of Evidence, as well as the free content you get on the blog. It’s going to have articles from new contributors (names coming soon), exclusive interviews with the latest researchers, and some of my best work yet. Hop on the email list if you want to be the first to know about it.

2. New topics.

Fat loss, muscle, gain, and general health and wellness are the main topics on this site so far. However, there are many more problems that we need to solve.

The topic I’m most excited about is the science of relationships, both general networking and romantic — something that hasn’t been covered much online. You’re also going to see articles on supplements, biomechanics, alternative medicine, exercise programming, and more information on productivity.

3. New team members.

Currently, every article on this site is written by me, but you’re going to see several new Evidence team members soon.

4. Higher quality podcasts.

I just hired a professional podcast editor who is going to make Evidence Radio sound like a real podcast, not something I stitched together in GarageBand.

Imprüvism isn’t going away. It’s maturing into something more meaningful and helpful. I hope you’ll join us.

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