Flexible Dieting Case Study: From Overweight to Washboard Abs in 13 Months

Joey used flexible dieting to lose 50 pounds in 56 weeks. This article will show you how.

*Joey used flexible dieting to lose 50 pounds in 56 weeks. This article will show you how.*

Two years ago, Joey Colozzo wasn’t the kind of person you’d normally write about on a fitness blog.

Like a lot of guys, he lifted weights, but he didn’t have a great physique.

Despite reading as much as he could about nutrition and fitness, and training for hours in the gym, he didn’t make much progress. In fact, he gained weight.

“I was going to the gym more often, more regimented, and with more intensity than my peers but never looked the part. I was dieting harder than the people I aspired to look like, it just didn’t make sense.”

In late 2012, Joey decided to make a change. He decide to do whatever it took to get lean.

“The deal I eventually made with myself was that if I was willing to sacrifice as much as a bodybuilder, I demanded to look like one.”

Every year, thousands of people make the same resolution. Most of them fail. Joey chose a different path.

He started working with the team at 3D Muscle Journey, and in 13 months he lost 50 pounds in 56 weeks.

How did he do it?

Did he finally “buckle down” and eat better?

Did he cut out all desserts?

Did he do hours of cardio?


Joey was already working harder than most people. The reason he was finally able to get into the chiseled shape he now maintains year round, is because of flexible dieting.

Flexible Dieting works.

Instead of getting more strict and depriving himself, Joey learned to include moderate indulgences in his diet on a regular basis.

With the help of his coach, Eric Helms, he set calorie and macronutrient targets for each day, and stuck to them consistently.Joey Colozzo Flexible Dieting

He didn’t eliminate carbs, only eat at certain times, or avoid gluten, sugar, or fructose.

He ate an overall healthy diet, but let himself enjoy moderate treats when he wanted them.

As a result, Joey didn’t just reach a normal weight or get a six pack, he got lean enough to compete as a bodybuilder.

“The sweet irony of it all is that prepping for my bodybuilding show(s) using ‘flexible dieting’ turned out to be dramatically easier than what I was doing.”

How Flexible Dieting helped Joey get shredded.

Joey had lost weight before, but he could never maintain his new condition.

“My trouble with past diets was never results, it was ADHERENCE. All diets work for a limited time. I don’t think the general public has trouble dropping 3 lbs. They have trouble dropping 30 lbs, and staying sane while doing it.”

Not being able to adhere to a diet creates an ‘on/off’ mentality towards dieting. You are either ON plan and everything is fine, for a while. Or, inevitably, OFF plan, consumed with guilt, binging, and swearing to yourself you’re going to start fresh on Monday. That can become a really vicious and never ending cycle.”

Like many people, including me, Joey struggled with binge eating as a result of this “black or white” mentality toward food.

“I would say justifying my binges as ‘cheat days’. I would eat extremely strict during the week and go as hard as I wanted on the weekends. This ‘1 step forward, 2 steps back’ approach compounded over many weeks. The result was me getting really fat… while ‘dieting’. The irony, it burned!”

Flexible dieting helped Joey learn to eat the foods he wanted, in moderation, without feeling guilty or deprived. This new perspective is what finally helped him get lean and stay that way with less effort and stress than before.

“If you label food good vs bad, or feel like everything you eat either helps or hurts, you are lacking context and can eventually develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Flexible dieting has taught me that dieting is a dance — when you stumble, you just make it part of the dance. ;-)

Flexible Dieting makes it permanently easier to lose fat.

Joey started losing fat by counting calories and macros, but he doesn’t need to anymore to maintain his shredded physique.

If you’re worried that you’ll have to count calories and macros forever, “… relax and understand that those are just training wheels to get you going in the right direction,” says Joey.

Joey Colozzo Flexible Dieting

“View those tools like a GPS system navigating you through new territory. As you become more familiar with this new territory, you will use the GPS more sparingly, and eventually, not have to use it at all.”

“It’s important that they see the light at the end of the tunnel and view these things as a necessary part of the learning process or they could easily get overwhelmed and discouraged in the beginning.”

“*Disclaimer: I’m referring to the general population with common weight loss goals. Physique competitors should use every tool available to them at all times.”

Flexible dieting is about much more than just counting calories and macros. It’s a completely different way of looking at your diet that includes developing several other key habits which you’ll learn about soon.

Joey is one of many people who’s used flexible dieting to lose fat and stay lean. You can be one of them.

Want to learn how to use flexible dieting to lose fat?

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