Flexible Dieting: A Guaranteed System for Losing Fat and Staying Lean the Smart Way

“The most effective, enjoyable, stress free, and sustainable diet approach I’ve ever followed… I can say with great confidence… this is the last diet approach you’ll ever need to follow.”

– Scott Tousignant

If you want to lose fat and stay lean with minimal effort — flexible dieting is the best solution.

You’re tired of losing five pounds, and then regaining the weight after your diet stops working.

You’re tired of giving up your favorite foods, only to stop losing weight or even gain weight.

You need to become a flexible dieter, and this book will show you how.

Lose fat with less effort and anxiety than ever before.

In Flexible Dieting, you’ll cut through the nonsense and misleading advice of most diet books. You’ll focus on the few, essential habits that always work, instead of chasing every new fad.

Then, you’ll use the best available research to master these fundamental principles of fat loss in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Instead of focusing on the end result — getting lean — you’ll gradually change your lifestyle to the point where losing fat happens almost automatically.

After learning why flexible dieting is the best way to lose fat, you’ll go through a 12-week program to help you become a flexible dieter.

Every week includes an action plan — the exact steps you should take to get lean in the most efficient way possible. 

How do you know it works? 

I’ve included a complete list of scientific references at the end of the book. You can double check every claim to make sure it’s true.

But Flexible Dieting isn’t just supported by research.

You’ll also read 8 case studies of bodybuilders, models, and regular people who’ve used flexible dieting to lose fat and stay lean.

This book will help you… 

1. Master the four fundamental habits of losing fat and staying lean.

Instead of focusing on the small things that probably won’t work, like most diet books, you’re going to become an expert in the four crucial habits of fat loss that most people overlook.

2. Optimize your diet for your unique goals, preferences, and tolerances.

You’ll use the latest nutritional research to optimize your calorie and macronutrient intake for your situation. Instead of following a generic ratio of carbs, protein, and fat, you’ll design a diet that’s perfectly suited to your training, body, gender, and dieting history.

3. Create delicious meal plans so you never get bored with your diet.

You’ll map out a customized meal plan so that you look forward to eating. You’ll decide when, how much, and what you should eat to reach your goals, instead of letting someone else decide for you. 

It’s much easier than you think, and more effective.

4. Crush your cravings by safely including treats in your diet, without bingeing or feeling guilty.

You’ll learn the three questions you need to ask yourself to make it easy to indulge while losing fat. 

Then, you’ll master the five bedrock habits that will make it easy to eat your favorite foods, without ruining your progress. This system works with any food, whether it’s ice cream, brownies, cereal, pasta, pizza, or chocolate.

5. Transition away from counting calories and macronutrients in 9 steps — while staying lean or getting leaner.

Calories count, but that doesn’t mean you need to count them to stay lean or healthy. 

In fact, counting calories can make it harder to lose fat.

You’ll learn how to transition away from tracking your diet to a system that’s much easier and more sustainable. You’ll learn to live without the food scales, spreadsheets, and nutrition tracking apps, while keeping your new body.

6. Fail-proof your diet by planning for stressful situations.

Most diets only work if you follow them perfectly. That’s why they almost never work — because nothing ever goes according to plan.

You’ll prepare for situations that might have halted fat loss in the past, like parties or holiday dinners, using a method that takes less than five minutes.

7. Set the right kind of goals for losing fat and sticking to your diet.

I’m not talking about the S.M.A.R.T. criteria that you’ve heard before. 

You’re going to learn how to set habit-based goals, so you know exactly what to do every day. You’ll also create a powerful system for tracking your goals and holding yourself accountable without a coach.

8. Implement the five “rules” of flexible dieting to stay lean forever.

Finally, you’ll learn the exact system that myself and many others use to stay lean 365 days per year, eating whatever we want. It’s not as hard as you think.

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I’ve spent hundreds of hours writing and researching this book. It’s the same system that thousands of bodybuilders and figure competitors use to get lean every day. Now, you can learn how they do it.

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